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It’s been a year since KisStartup first lauched to startup community.

After an active year, KisStartup is now planning for a longer journey with you all. We do not have any birthday party, but we do have a promise to be more effective and better in helping you develop.

In this October, a story so-called “Customer-Funded Business” will be introduced along with KisStartup Incubator for customer- centerted startup.

In this October,  KisStartup also welcomes new members to join the team as well as launching a series of lean start-up workshops - the story brings  KisStartup to the Vietnamese startup community.

Let’s join our upcoming program..

1. Lean Series:

October 18, 2016: Lean Startup

October 21, 2016: Lean Manufacturing

October 25, 2016: Lean Kaizen


2. Offically opening appilcation form for “Customer-Funded Incubator” from October 1, 2016


3. The Lean startup Mindset & Tools coures from Oct 14 to Oct 16, 2016


4. Storytelling in Pitching/ Investor Appoaching/ Product Introduction on Oct 7, 2016


5. Book Review: The Startup Game by William H. Draper III, a famous venture capitalist of Silicon Valley on Oct 11, 2016


KisStartup would like to invite you to attend the aforementioned  events.





Are you a trainer? Or a teacher? You are finding  a new approach, new mindset and new tools to increase the quality of the lecture and catch up with world trends?

The 3-day intensive course with 9 lessons, reading and working with 7 out of the first 12 Innovative experts of the Vietnam Innovation Partnership program will be a difficult CHALLENGING BUT USEFUL experience WITH YOU.

The intensive lean startup: “Mindset & Tools” is the firsr levels in 3 levels of Innovation Program.

We DO NOT COMMIT THE EASINESS. We commit an efficiency, a pressure and a change for you and your teaching career.

This is also the first program in Vietnam to provide you with the most comprehensive mindset and tools inspired by Lean Startup (from Silicon Valley).


Learners: Teacher at University, Coach


Trainning Program: 3 intensive days from Sep 9 to Sep 11, 2016


Expert: Experts from IPP Champion Program (http://www.ipp.vn)



- 06  Lessons about Mindset and Principles of Lean Startup + 30 of the most popular Lean Startup  Tools
- Exercise in the classroom
- 3 lunches and Learning Lunch with 3 experts in building entrepreneurship eco-system

- Book Review  (in the evening) (6h30-8h)

Location: Room 209, 18T1 Building, Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh, Le Van Luong, Hanoi

- VND 5,500,000 / person
- Offer for groups of 03 people: 4.900.000 vnd
- For students from other provinces, you can contact with us for assistance in finding suitable places to facilitate the promotion and doing intensive exercises.
- IF YOU CANNOT PARTICIPATE THE COURSE, leave your information and study time that is most appropriate for you. We will inform you of the nearest course

Register to attend HERE.

Contact: Mrs. Minh 0936361133





November is coming with the theme of Training & Coaching & Mentoring. KisStartup desires contribute to the startup ecology in particular and to the development of SMEs.Traners; Coach and Mentor are indispensable pieces wwith a “newborn” startup ecosystem.


KisStartup’s events in this November are as follow:


  2. Attending & Being Sponsor for TECHFEST on November, 12th & 13th, 2016 at Grand Plaza Hotel, 117 Tran Duy Hung, Cau Giay, Hanoi

  3. Opening the training course for Coach in entrepreneurship project - Level 2 - on November, 14th & 15th, 2016; at 18T1 Bulding Trung Hoa- Nhan Chinh - Cau Giay - Hanoi

  4. Open a trainning course named Mindset & Tools in Lean Startup, that is organized from 17th to 19th of November, 2016 at Room 209, 18T1 Building, Cau Giay, Hanoi

  5. Workshop named “Design Thinking - Make your ideas come true” is organized at Toong Coworking Space from 23rd to 25th of November, 2016.

  6. Workshop on Online Marketing for startups and SMEs on November 29th, 2016 at Toong Coworking Space, 25T2 Building, Cau Giay, Hanoi


We hope to see you at the events.





December is coming with the theme of  Open the Startup Door. This is the first time KisStartup  organizes an interactive workshop by combining face-to-face interviews to help startups reach out a variety of experts in various fields. The  two and a half day event aims to equip you with important knowledge in Legal, Finance, Tax, Marketing, that help you start your career in a knowledgeable way.

In December, for the first time, KisStartup introduced the innovative Mindset and Tools service for businesses developing their new products, services or looking for new directions.

We will also continue with the Innovation Coaching course at 3 levels:

1. Training of Trainers:

- Lean Startup Intensive - Level 1 for trainers, startup coaches and startups. - Duration: 03 days 16, 17, 18/12/2016

- Lean Startup Intensive - Level 2: Innovation Coach - Duration: 02 days, from 20- 21/12/2016

2. Innovative Thinking & Tools for Business - Time: updated later.

3. Open the Startup Door Event -  Duration: 2 days 22 and 23/12/2016

Keep track of event notifications and do not forget to subscribe  KisStartup to update our activities

About us

KisStartup was established in 2015 with the mission to accompany entrepreneurs and startups in enhancing their innovation capacity, to support them to innovate more effectively and bring more practical benefits to the community.

Our vision is to become a flourishing community of innovators, rooted in Vietnam and acting globally, that creates long lasting impact.

To realize our vision, we nurture the following values:

(1) Empathetic: Always starting a business, always empathize. We constanly nurture our entrepreneurial experience to have the deepest understanding of innovative people/organizations

(2) Trusted supporter: Always a good support partner for start-up projects, partners and customers

(3) Innovative: Continuously innovate to create new values

(4) Get it done: To us, simplicity is intelligence

(5) Learning: At KisStartup, no one is not learning something. 

(6) Challenge accepted: Setting up your own challenges is how our team matures


(7) Constantly curious:  Make us maintain motivation and excitement every day


(8) Transparency:  Make us always confident in our activities and values


We carry out our mission through a series of activities: 

  • Training

Lean Startup for Startups: provide knowledge and tools to validate ideas and business model, complete business model, and market products.

Lean Startup for Enterprises: provide leaders with right mindset and tools to innovate, develop products/services/project in the spirit of Lean Startup.

Training of the trainers (ToT)

Training of Innovation Coach

Training of Ecosystem player >> View details

  • Coaching

We adopt Lean Startup – mindset and tools – to support startups in finding, identifying, discovering customer and working out a sustainable business model.

Duration: Coaching 1:1 once per week for 03 – 06 months (or by request) is advised. >> View details

  • Mentoring

SME Mentoring is our not-for-profit activity as a part of SME Mentoring 1on1, first introduced in 2011 in HCMC. SME Mentoring helps to get community members closer and establish a mentoring culture, making it our feature activity. In 2015, KisStartup Cofounder and Manager Nguyen Dang Tuan Minh becam Manager of SME Mentoring & Networking Hanoi.

Find out more about SME Mentoring 1:1 in Vietnam in general and HCMC, Hanoi in particular here: http://www.mentoring1on1.com >> View details

  • Research

KisStartup conducts researches related to innovation and entrepreneurship that are practical and useful for businesses, investors, domestic and international support organizations, and other stakeholders. Our research helps enhance the efficiency of the decision-making process.

Learn more about our research capacity >> Click here

Learn more about our research team >> Click here

Learn more about our research case studies  >> Click here

  • Content Development

Enabling innovative projects to validate their business models via innovative content development and management. >> View details

  • Knowledge-sharing Channels Development

Visit our LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/kisstartupvietnam/

Visit our Youtube Channel at: https://kisstartup.com/en/youtube



EVENTS in MAY 2017


In May, with the desire to boost your innovative activities, KisStartup and our partners develop a range of activities, not only to coaching. We are confident in offering the best proven services to our customers. We are also expanding our business to better serve in Ho Chi Minh City with our training course on innovation.

Mentoring and mentoring culture is still one of our important endeavors. So get ready for your Mentor-Mentee call in May.

Be ready to go with  KisStartup with the following activities: http://www.kisstartup.com/su-kien/

Online Marketing - Solutions for Founder
MAY 10
Peer-to-peer coaching 
MAY 11
Mindset & Tools of Lean Startup
May 11,17,18
MAY 15
Launch the Online Startup Training Platform
MAY 15
Traning of the Trainer - Batch 3
May 9 - May 12,19
May 16
Introduce mentoring & SME Mentoring Hanoi
MAY 26
Intensive training: Innovation in the enterprise
May 26 - May 28




The third quarter of 2017 is coming with a great pressure on startup. Big events at the end of the year for startups are on track.

In August, along with our regular activities, KisStartup will manipluate more in-depth programs for startups.. Discussions will also be designed based on business’s needs

ILT - Mentors meet-up Hanoi - ILT ASEAN AWARDS 2017
ILT ASEAN AWARDS - where  talent startups in the tourism industry will be shined
Set up an internal management process when starting a business
Lean Startup - Remove difficulties in HR
Peer-To-Peer Coaching Weekly

Coaching Weekly
In August, KisStartup welcomes you to the events and shares with us


After three months with "peer-to-peer Coaching", KisStartup is now proud to have truly developed a service that really helps you get started with the rigors of program development and adherence to demand. participants. We have developed from a small group of 5 intimate startups, supporting each other and taking seriously the implementation of the test and requirements from the program on the method of lean startup.

September will be witnessed:

+ The increase in the frequency of P2P Coaching with 02 times per week become two important options for start-up business who needs a companion, network and to commit. Tuesday: 10.30-11.30am and Friday: 3.30-4.30pm

+ KisStartup will join the APEC Startup Forum 2017 on September 11-12 in HCMC

+ Launch of ILT ASEAN AWARDS. After a successful second meeting with mentors in the Innovation Land of Tourism project, KisStartup expanded its operations and officially announced the ILT ASEAN AWARDS for tourism start-ups.
+ Intensive Leanstartup: 25,27,29th  September
+ Preparing for KisStartup Birthday in October2017
+ Workshop:  Sales Process for Startup and Business: 21.9.2017

Please follow our website and Facebook to update KisStartup's activities and join us

Best regards,

KisStartup Team


LAUNCHING THE BOOK "Innovation & Entrepreneurship – Mindset and Tools "

Innovation & Entrepreneurship – Mindset and Tools (published by Vietnam's Women Publishing House) is a book introducing mindset and tools of  innovation in the spirit of Lean Startup and Design Thinking. The book not only give readers a way to test their ideas and develop business models, but also get  the reader closer to the meaningful sustainability of creative startups.

The workshop was attended by creative professionals and author, some  who have supported business/ startup projects and students from all over the country.

About Nguyen Dang Tuan Minh: Co-founder & Managing Director of KisStartup. One of the first 12 Innovators by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland in 2015. She is the author of one of the 10 best-selling books on Vinabooks in 2015 on E-Commerce. .

The book launches in Hanoi on 22 September 2017 and in Ho Chi Minh City on 28.9.2017



The last month of 2017 will be a Lean Startup experience. With the positive feedback from KisStartup's "Innovation & Entrepreneurship – Mindset and Tools" by Nguyen Dang Tuan Minh, we will share with you the same experice of Lean Startup. Lean Startup 1.5h Courses for busy people and for early stage projects and hands-on training sessions. Intensive lean startup will go with you.

Morover, our activities such as investment matching, meeting with advisors in Open Startup Doors and sharing investment experiences are keep going on

ILT ASEAN MENTORING & NETWORKING also embarked on a new phase as we formally link startup in the travel industry with ILT's startup mentors.


Share the investment experience 

Open Startup Door 2 - Workshop Accounting + Investment Connection + Startup Consulting

Intensive Lean Startup


Lean startup: Mindset in Euntrepreneurship 

Lean startup: Business Model Canvas

Lean startup: Estimating market size

Lean startup: Know about your customer

Lean startup: Innovate the solution

Lean startup: Tell a story of service

Lean startup: Test value proposition

Lean startup: Solution interview

Lean startup:  Sales Roadmap

Lean startup:  The stages of development of project

Keep track of our website of EVENTS and facebook: https://facebook.com/kisstartup for continuous updates and do not miss.

Wish you have a good December,