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Renewal of Agreement with Finnish startup for content development for market validation and market entry

We are happy to announce that our agreement with a Finnish startup in robotic process automation has been renewed for second phase. Thanks to right strategy for content development for market validation, market education and market entry along with networking and business network development, the startup has achieved clear results of early adopter.

This success proves the right direction for KisContent service developed by KisStartup team. In the coming month, KisStartup will work closely with more strategic partners for foreign startup’s market expansion in Vietnam and the region.

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About us

KisStartup was established in 2015 with the mission to accompany entrepreneurs and startups in enhancing their innovation capacity, to support them to innovate more effectively and bring more practical benefits to the community.

Our vision is to become a flourishing community of innovators, rooted in Vietnam and acting globally, that creates long lasting impact.

To realize our vision, we nurture the following values:

(1) Empathetic: Always starting a business, always empathize. We constanly nurture our entrepreneurial experience to have the deepest understanding of innovative people/organizations

(2) Trusted supporter: Always a good support partner for start-up projects, partners and customers

(3) Innovative: Continuously innovate to create new values

(4) Get it done: To us, simplicity is intelligence

(5) Learning: At KisStartup, no one is not learning something. 

(6) Challenge accepted: Setting up your own challenges is how our team matures


(7) Constantly curious:  Make us maintain motivation and excitement every day


(8) Transparency:  Make us always confident in our activities and values


We carry out our mission through a series of activities: 

  • Training

Lean Startup for Startups: provide knowledge and tools to validate ideas and business model, complete business model, and market products.

Lean Startup for Enterprises: provide leaders with right mindset and tools to innovate, develop products/services/project in the spirit of Lean Startup.

Training of the trainers (ToT)

Training of Innovation Coach

Training of Ecosystem player >> View details

  • Coaching

We adopt Lean Startup – mindset and tools – to support startups in finding, identifying, discovering customer and working out a sustainable business model.

Duration: Coaching 1:1 once per week for 03 – 06 months (or by request) is advised. >> View details

  • Mentoring

SME Mentoring is our not-for-profit activity as a part of SME Mentoring 1on1, first introduced in 2011 in HCMC. SME Mentoring helps to get community members closer and establish a mentoring culture, making it our feature activity. In 2015, KisStartup Cofounder and Manager Nguyen Dang Tuan Minh becam Manager of SME Mentoring & Networking Hanoi.

Find out more about SME Mentoring 1:1 in Vietnam in general and HCMC, Hanoi in particular here: >> View details

  • Research

KisStartup conducts researches related to innovation and entrepreneurship that are practical and useful for businesses, investors, domestic and international support organizations, and other stakeholders. Our research helps enhance the efficiency of the decision-making process.

Learn more about our research capacity >> Click here

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  • Content Development

Enabling innovative projects to validate their business models via innovative content development and management. >> View details

  • Knowledge-sharing Channels Development

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Content development for market entry

Each KisStartup’s service has to go through a series of piloting and testing. When we work with startups and mature companies, we realized that content serves not only marketing but also market validation and market entry.

Customer flow or user experience has changed a lot. Each company needs to turn this change into chance. It’s when creative content gets in to help company grasp market demands and participate in the game in a new way. Content development for market validation and market entry and channels management are likely to become a winning service.

KisStartup always develops services supporting startups and enterprises in innovating and finding an effective way to reach possible customers.


It is evitable that now business increasingly depends on the Internet while content is a king.

81% of buyers find information about products on the internet before they buy it. 60% of people use search engines before they decide to buy.

Either B2B-model company or B2C-model one, content development is a need to attract, build trust and solid relationship with customers.

Your company may have many materials available to develop content but they are not yet properly used to test/enter the market. Besides, your budget doesn’t allow you to carry out market research which is hard to enable you to know what is going on with customers. By using content development service for market test and entry, you will:

•    Impress customers with stories delivered via different channels.

•    Build up trust with customers through your own stories

•    Develop a strong relationship with customers through your content if the market test succeeds.

•    Figure out new direction if the former one results in nothing.


Startups at the stage of market test and entry.

•    Foreign startups want to enter the Vietnamese market

•    Vietnamese startups want to go global

•    Startups with brand new product/service need to educate market




Best for: Businesses or Startups enter Vietnam market             


Best for: Local Enterprises and Startups with global vision                   


Best for: Businesses to accelerate their business via content marketing


Customized services for Market Validation/entry          


Content Development Strategy for local market validation and market entry  

• Posts/Articles in Vietnamese


• Video Clips with Vietnamese subtitle

•  Online Channel Management

• Report & Recommendation(s) 



Standard package for market validation & market entry

Follow-up package for maintaining customer's engagement



Content Development Strategy for international market 

• Posts/ Articles in Vietnamese and English


• Image; Video clips in Vietnamese and English (with subtitle)

• Online Channel Management

• Report & Recommendation(s)


Standard package for market expansion

Follow-up package for maintaining customer's engagement


Content Development Strategy for local market 

• Posts/ Articles in Vietnamese


Image; Video clips in Vietnamese 

• Channels Management

• Report & Recommendation(s)



Standard package for market expansion

Follow-up package for maintaining customer's engagement

For better service customization to you need, please contact us via for more information

1. Finding Potential Business Partner and Set up Meetings

2.  Digital marketing Campaign Implementation 

Digital marketing Campaign Implementation  


Digital marketing Campaign Implementation 





Together with customers, we create content based on materials from your company and target market segment. We acknowledge that collecting existing content from different sources is only useful in the short run. However, in a long run, it doesn’t help you to create sustainable core values. We will work with you to turn your information asset and database into your new stories, instead of approaching shortly and quickly.


We create content for different channels with the approach of Lean Startup

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