Kisstartup in 2023 - A Year of Milestones

As always, the beginning of a new year is a time for our team to reflect on the results of the previous year and to prepare for the plans ahead. Here are some key metrics that we would like to share:

  • 32: Number of events, including both in-person and online
  • 44: Training sessions
  • 126: Consulting and coaching sessions
  • 3: New international markets: Japan, Canada
  • 42: Programs designed and operated by KisStartup and KisImpact
  • 9: Mentor-mentee pairs established in the SME 1on1 mentoring program
  • 125: Networking community of businesses, startups, and investors, both domestic and international

For us, numbers are not just a reflection of success and failure. They are also a source of lessons and new ideas. We use them to improve our weaknesses and to be bolder in our changes.

To our partners, colleagues, and customers, we hope that these numbers provide a glimpse into our work and accomplishments. They are not the whole story, but they are a starting point for building trust and collaboration in the years to come.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the network of partners and collaborators in the KisStartup ecosystem for their tremendous efforts and support. We could not quantify their contributions, since they are invaluable.

From the KisStartup team.

Intensive Coaching 1:1

When you are struggling with a variety of business issues and have not really found a right way to go and an effective implementation plan for some specific problems such as business model, call for investment capital, expand marketing, to carry out. That is when intensive coaching comes in. With the experience of working with hundreds of startups, we find that intensive coaching, different from training (which only provides knowledge), will work hand-in-hand with you to solve problems by:
- Practical questions
- Useful tools
- Discipline and seriousness

The startups who have participated in our intensive coaching activities are the winners in major competitions and have received investment capital, and small and medium enterprises pursue new business models based on the old platform.


- Ability to focus on solving the most important issues faced by businesses/projects
- Ability to achieve the set goals effectively
- Arrange and prioritize issues in a scientific way
- New mindset and perspectives in common problems of businesses
- Develop the capacity of the team and increase the ability to solve problems on your own after coaching


- Duration: at least 12 sessions in 03 months (01 session / week)

- Format: 1on1 (1 coach: 1 team)


- Enterprises/projects under 5 years old
- Startup projects are under market validation and/or business model completion
- Projects are raising funds

Sign up for more information (free) about using 1:1 intensive coaching service

For more information and best support, please call +84.982.498.095 (Ms. Mai)

To learn more about KisStartup and our startup support programs, see more at

*** NOTE: This is a "tailor-made" program according to your project's problem and/or needs, so Coaching course will only be done after we fully understand the needs and/or problems your project is facing. The two parties will sign NDA to ensure the information is confidential.


KISSTARTUP COACHING PROGRAM: From October, from 4th 2016 to October, 15th 2016, KisStartup Coaching Program’ application form is offically opened, that bring opportunities to you to break through your bussiness.

Working hard together, we will step-by-step develop programs with  mutual commitment and support.

If you also put your customers into the core for your business development and you really need coach to support your plan, join with us.

Who are you?

1. An enterprise/ startup project

2. An Enterprise having new projects

What do you need if you join in?

1.  You aim to grow your customers and your business

2.. You do not aim to put investor finding at top

3. You have pitched to investors now more than 2 times

4. You have a real product/ service (not an idea)

5. You have a team - a ready team.


What will you do next?

1. Sign up and show us your interest via the registration form

2. KisStartup will exchange and interview with you

3. The two sides go to an agreement on the view and metod of coaching

4. Formally join the program

5. Define goals  and start coaching

6. Evaluate the performance of the two sides monthly

7. Summary of incubator program

8. Match with  investors (if you would like to)

Who will coach you?

The first innovation coaches comes from IPP - Innovation Partner Program

What is the form of coaching?

Peer-to-peer coaching

Register at: HERE

Deadline: October, 10th 2016


Support: Support: 0936361133 (Ms. Minh) -



About us

KisStartup was established in 2015 with the mission to accompany entrepreneurs and startups in enhancing their innovation capacity, to support them to innovate more effectively and bring more practical benefits to the community.

Our vision is to become a flourishing community of innovators, rooted in Vietnam and acting globally, that creates long lasting impact.

To realize our vision, we nurture the following values:

(1) Empathetic: Always starting a business, always empathize. We constanly nurture our entrepreneurial experience to have the deepest understanding of innovative people/organizations

(2) Trusted supporter: Always a good support partner for start-up projects, partners and customers

(3) Innovative: Continuously innovate to create new values

(4) Get it done: To us, simplicity is intelligence

(5) Learning: At KisStartup, no one is not learning something. 

(6) Challenge accepted: Setting up your own challenges is how our team matures


(7) Constantly curious:  Make us maintain motivation and excitement every day


(8) Transparency:  Make us always confident in our activities and values


We carry out our mission through a series of activities: 

  • Training

Lean Startup for Startups: provide knowledge and tools to validate ideas and business model, complete business model, and market products.

Lean Startup for Enterprises: provide leaders with right mindset and tools to innovate, develop products/services/project in the spirit of Lean Startup.

Training of the trainers (ToT)

Training of Innovation Coach

Training of Ecosystem player >> View details

  • Coaching

We adopt Lean Startup – mindset and tools – to support startups in finding, identifying, discovering customer and working out a sustainable business model.

Duration: Coaching 1:1 once per week for 03 – 06 months (or by request) is advised. >> View details

  • Mentoring

SME Mentoring is our not-for-profit activity as a part of SME Mentoring 1on1, first introduced in 2011 in HCMC. SME Mentoring helps to get community members closer and establish a mentoring culture, making it our feature activity. In 2015, KisStartup Cofounder and Manager Nguyen Dang Tuan Minh becam Manager of SME Mentoring & Networking Hanoi.

Find out more about SME Mentoring 1:1 in Vietnam in general and HCMC, Hanoi in particular here: >> View details

  • Research

KisStartup conducts researches related to innovation and entrepreneurship that are practical and useful for businesses, investors, domestic and international support organizations, and other stakeholders. Our research helps enhance the efficiency of the decision-making process.

Learn more about our research capacity >> Click here

Learn more about our research team >> Click here

Learn more about our research case studies  >> Click here

  • Content Development

Enabling innovative projects to validate their business models via innovative content development and management. >> View details

  • Knowledge-sharing Channels Development

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