Innovation Mindset & Tools Training for Students from Hanoi University of Industry - HaUI


Innovation Mindset & Tools at Hanoi University of Industry is part of a cooperation program between the Youth Union of Hanoi University of Industry (SIP HAUI Club) and VinTech city. In this program, KisStartup acts as a professional training unit for not only students who have a startup project or idea but also teachers in the school with the desire to create core lecturers who can sponsor, support and directly supervise ideas or projects coming out of Hanoi University of Industry.

The intensive training program took place in 04 sessions and ended in the afternoon on November 17, 2019. The end of this training program is the opening of the next 03 months of support for the 05 most potential projects selected under the direct supervision of the source lecturer and KisStartup.

KisStartup hopes this is the beginning of the university's journey in fostering innovation and strong support for the students themselves.

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KisStartup to cooperate with Minh Tri Startup Fund

On November 18, 2019, KisStartup officially signed a cooperation agreement with Minh Tri Startup Youth Fund. Through this, KisStartup and the Minh Tri Startup Youth Fund will cooperate to either finance or sponsor the business projects of young people living or working in Cau Giay District. The collaboration aims to support projects with innovative business models located in the area and focusing on agriculture or service sectors.

In this role, KisStartup will assist in reviewing, selecting and connecting startup projects according to the criteria set out for the Minh Tri Startup Youth Fund . At the same time, KisStartup will help foster skills and capability in operation for the fund's staff, coordinate with partners to supervise projects when financial and / or investment support is received.

Forms of the Minh Tri Startup Youth Fund in Cau Giay District include:

• Financial support at a maximum of USD 2500

• Invest in implemented projects, have revenue, manage costs and are in need of capital to complete and develop. The total investment capital is from USD 5000 to USD 10000.


About the Minh Tri Startup Youth Fund:

Minh Tri Fund was established under Decision No. 4656 / QD-UBND dated August 26, 2016 of the Hanoi People's Committee on the establishment and recognition of the Charter of Minh Tri Startup Youth Fund in Cau Giay District, Ho Chi Minh City. Hanoi. With the principle and purpose of operation is a social fund, Minh Tri Fund was born to encourage, encourage and provide financial support for ideas, production and business projects of youth (from 16 to 35 age) or youth organizations within Cau Giay District (Hanoi City).

See more information about the Minh Tri Startup Youth Fund at:


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KisStartup in collaboration with VinTech City to conduct training courses for lecturers from 24 universities

In 2 days of October 11 and 12, 2019, KisStartup in collaboration with VinTech City conducted training for 50 lecturers from 24 universities from the Central and the North of Vietnam, at the University of Technology, Hanoi National University. The training course focused on providing basic tools, basic concepts in innovation and entrepreneurship to help lecturers with understanding of innovation tools while using these tools in supporting startups and developing the activities of their Innovation and Entrepreneurship clubs at school in the coming period. In the framework of the program, we also invite experts on the national startup ecosystem, intellectual property and one start-up- WISAMI to join students in exchanging and sharing important experiences and knowledge.

At the end of the program, KisStartup is committed to continue to support the creative start-up club leaders in technology, the lecturers continue to develop their activities, and exchange connections to promote activities among 24 universities.


KisStartup to participate in Frontier Incubator

KisStartup is happy to announce that we have been selected among 112 organisations as applicants to participate in Frontier Incubator and get support from Australian Government.


Congratulations to CSIP, KisStartup and WISE - Sáng kiến hỗ trợ Phụ nữ Khởi nghiệp và Kinh doanh who have been selected to participate in the #FrontierIncubators program.

This initiative is supporting accelerators + incubators to increase the impact of entrepreneurs in the Asia-Pacific.

The participants will receive a week of intensive training workshops with program partners (Australia’s innovationXchange, ygapConveners.Organd SecondMuse and a customised capacity building program, designed and delivered by a program partner who will work with their teams throughout the program.

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The last month of 2017 will be a Lean Startup experience. With the positive feedback from KisStartup's "Innovation & Entrepreneurship – Mindset and Tools" by Nguyen Dang Tuan Minh, we will share with you the same experice of Lean Startup. Lean Startup 1.5h Courses for busy people and for early stage projects and hands-on training sessions. Intensive lean startup will go with you.

Morover, our activities such as investment matching, meeting with advisors in Open Startup Doors and sharing investment experiences are keep going on

ILT ASEAN MENTORING & NETWORKING also embarked on a new phase as we formally link startup in the travel industry with ILT's startup mentors.


Share the investment experience 

Open Startup Door 2 - Workshop Accounting + Investment Connection + Startup Consulting

Intensive Lean Startup


Lean startup: Mindset in Euntrepreneurship 

Lean startup: Business Model Canvas

Lean startup: Estimating market size

Lean startup: Know about your customer

Lean startup: Innovate the solution

Lean startup: Tell a story of service

Lean startup: Test value proposition

Lean startup: Solution interview

Lean startup:  Sales Roadmap

Lean startup:  The stages of development of project

Keep track of our website of EVENTS and facebook: for continuous updates and do not miss.

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With extensive expertise and high-quality advisor team who all certified by IPP, KisStartup is proud to be Vietnam’s first implementer of Innovation and Lean Startup training course for learners from different backgrounds since 2015. Our courses and targeted learners include

Startup training: provide knowledge and tools to validate ideas and business model, scaling up and funding training

Corporate Innovation training : provide leaders with right mindset and tools to innovate, develop products/services/project in the spirit of Lean Startup.

Proud to be among the very first people to be trained and work out seriously on innovation startups, our experts have experienced, enhanced capacity and promoted training course for trainers, innovation and startup coaches in the past 2 years. Therefore, we are confident enough to continue building a strong team full of young experienced people who are willing to adopt new skills.

Learners graduating from our training course are able to become a coach for startup/business projects; advisor, supporter for startups, or trainers in capacity building programs for startups.

Training of the Trainers

Target Learner: professional trainer-to-be and lecturer-to-be in innovation and entrepreneurship.


  • Mindset, tools and techniques of Lean Startup and Design Thinking
  • Methodology of teaching entrepreneurship.
  • Practicing lean startup and design thinking tools and teaching

To maintain being certified by KisStartup, learners have to ensure the minimum teaching hour during a year and have NPS > 5%.

Training of Innovation & Startup Coach

Target Learner: Those who want to be:

  • Startup Coaches
  • Innovation Experts in Startups
  • Innovation Experts in Enterprises


  • Lean Startup mindset and tools
  • Innovation and Startup Coaching Techniques
  • Work out on startup projects.

To be certified by KisStartup, learners have to ensure the minimum coaching hour during a year and have NPS > 5%.

Training of Ecosystem Players

Target Learner: Managers of incubation center/acceleration program

Syllabus: Knowledge about investment, startup mentoring and development of a mentoring program

KisStartup’s TOT, Innovation Coach, Ecosystem Players Program Alumni work at various universities, colleges, and public sector: Foreign Trade University, Department of Planning and Investment in Hanoi, Hue Industry College (HueIC), Fablab Hanoi, Nguyen Tat Thanh University Innovation Incubation Center (NIIC), NATEC – Ministry of Science and Technology, Office of Project 844, Hanoi University, Da Nang University of Science and Technology.

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