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Kisstartup in 2023 - A Year of Milestones

As always, the beginning of a new year is a time for our team to reflect on the results of the previous year and to prepare for the plans ahead. Here are some key metrics that we would like to share:

  • 32: Number of events, including both in-person and online
  • 44: Training sessions
  • 126: Consulting and coaching sessions
  • 3: New international markets: Japan, Canada
  • 42: Programs designed and operated by KisStartup and KisImpact
  • 9: Mentor-mentee pairs established in the SME 1on1 mentoring program
  • 125: Networking community of businesses, startups, and investors, both domestic and international

For us, numbers are not just a reflection of success and failure. They are also a source of lessons and new ideas. We use them to improve our weaknesses and to be bolder in our changes.

To our partners, colleagues, and customers, we hope that these numbers provide a glimpse into our work and accomplishments. They are not the whole story, but they are a starting point for building trust and collaboration in the years to come.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the network of partners and collaborators in the KisStartup ecosystem for their tremendous efforts and support. We could not quantify their contributions, since they are invaluable.

From the KisStartup team.

Opening application for the program: Heritage & Culture based business model Incubation

KisStartup in collaboration with KisImpact is implementing an incubation program for cultural and heritage-based startup projects.



  • Cultural and heritage-based startup projects
  • Enterprises who want to develop new products and services on the basis of culture and heritage
  • Organizations/communities who wish to build new programs and business models on the basis of culture and heritage


Our main activities:

  • Training: Being trained on how to use tools to identify and build a business model based on culture and heritage
  • Coaching: being offered step-by-step instructions to apply the knowledge trained on the project directly 
  • Early stage investment: being provided direct investment in projects with soft and financial support.
  • Accompanying and developing projects through startup mentors, professional advisors: last for 4-10 years
  • Networking: being provided important network connections to help the project develop, including partners, customers, and programs implemented at KisStartup & KisImpact

Please fill out the registration form by following the link: HERE


Application opening: 01.03.2023 

Application deadline: 23.03.2023

Contact: Ms. Xuan  (+84.396292442)

Email: hello@kisstartup.com


Coaching for Business Model Innovation


Business model innovation is an essential and ongoing need of businesses, especially in the post-COVID-19 period, to effectively adapt to market changes and new consumer trends. Coaching services to innovate business models at KisStartup could help businesses:

  • Find new revenue streams through developing new products or services, developing new customers, or creating new values.
  • Seek new resources, and new motivations for comprehensive Innovation such as digital technology application, capacity building of employees and middle managers
  • Build a culture of continuous innovation and exploit existing assets effectively


  • If your business has not yet expanded its market and sales effectively, you need sales channels and sensitive staff.
  • If your business develops new products and services but cannot find the right customers due to strong competition in the market, you need to find the right fit between the product and the market.
  • If you need an outside voice to help you identify your problem and act quickly accordingly
  • If you think about the time when your business needs to respond more effectively to market fluctuations with new tools, new perspectives, new ways of data mining
  • You need someone to accompany you on this new, challenging but very creative journey


  • Before coaching: Study the current situation, assess the current situation, and prepare personnel to participate
  • In coaching: Involvement of the top management of the organization, senior and middle managers
  • Practice directly on products and services of enterprises
  • After coaching: Support to monitor the innovation process and proactive innovation of enterprises

For more information about the event and the best support, please contact us at hello@kisstartup.com

KisStartup training for managers, lecturers and communication officers in Tra Vinh.

KisStartup has conducted training courses for managers, lecturers and communication officers in Tra Vinh.

In the framework of cooperation between KisStartup and Small and Medium Enterprise Development Project of Tra Vinh Province (SME Tra Vinh), KisStartup has conducted training on innovation and entrepreneurship for managers, media officers, lecturers from departments, agencies, and universities of Tra Vinh province.

The program aims to incorporate important concepts and thinking of innovative start-ups into the organization's current operations. Mr. Phan Dinh Tuan Anh and Ms. Nguyen Dang Tuan Minh exchanged directly with students about:

* Innovative ways of communicating about start-up innovation through understanding start-up innovation

* Designing and mentoring mentoring, incubating and supporting investment programs for startup projects

After the course, KisStartup and experts will continue to accompany the activities and support managers and lecturers to develop activities in the coming time as well as connect activities of Tra Vinh with network of Vietnamese and international startup ecosystems.


Launching of IPN (Innovation with Purpose Network)

A network of innovation ecosystem builders, universities, institutions and businesses joining hands for innovation- with- purpose ideas and projects to flourish and positively impact the community


Our story begins when we work with university talents including students and lecturers in training and coaching for them about innovation and entrepreneurship, we realize that:

(1) Many of the projects and ideas can be turned into impact projects to benefit the community and/or help achieve 17 sustainable development goals. However, not many of them are supported in terms of capacity building, mentoring and coaching to develop their projects. 

(2)None in the market is there to help them to connect with business world. At the same time, corporates and SMEs are struggling to find talented people for intra-innovation and market expansion

Therefore, IPN is to achieve 3 main goals:

  • Connecting talented and passionate individuals from universities and institutions with business world
  • Enabling innovative ideas to take shape via capacity building programs including design thinking & Lean Startup(training, coaching, mentoring)
  • Helping corporates and SMEs to get closer to quality human resources and potential investment in innovation from early stages

For further information about the project, please visit: 

Website của chương trình: http://www.innovationpurpose.com

Brochure của chương trình: HERE 



With extensive expertise and high-quality advisor team who all certified by IPP, KisStartup is proud to be Vietnam’s first implementer of Innovation and Lean Startup training course for learners from different backgrounds since 2015. Our courses and targeted learners include

Startup training: provide knowledge and tools to validate ideas and business model, scaling up and funding training

Corporate Innovation training : provide leaders with right mindset and tools to innovate, develop products/services/project in the spirit of Lean Startup.

Proud to be among the very first people to be trained and work out seriously on innovation startups, our experts have experienced, enhanced capacity and promoted training course for trainers, innovation and startup coaches in the past 2 years. Therefore, we are confident enough to continue building a strong team full of young experienced people who are willing to adopt new skills.

Learners graduating from our training course are able to become a coach for startup/business projects; advisor, supporter for startups, or trainers in capacity building programs for startups.

Training of the Trainers

Target Learner: professional trainer-to-be and lecturer-to-be in innovation and entrepreneurship.


  • Mindset, tools and techniques of Lean Startup and Design Thinking
  • Methodology of teaching entrepreneurship.
  • Practicing lean startup and design thinking tools and teaching

To maintain being certified by KisStartup, learners have to ensure the minimum teaching hour during a year and have NPS > 5%.

Training of Innovation & Startup Coach

Target Learner: Those who want to be:

  • Startup Coaches
  • Innovation Experts in Startups
  • Innovation Experts in Enterprises


  • Lean Startup mindset and tools
  • Innovation and Startup Coaching Techniques
  • Work out on startup projects.

To be certified by KisStartup, learners have to ensure the minimum coaching hour during a year and have NPS > 5%.

Training of Ecosystem Players

Target Learner: Managers of incubation center/acceleration program

Syllabus: Knowledge about investment, startup mentoring and development of a mentoring program

KisStartup’s TOT, Innovation Coach, Ecosystem Players Program Alumni work at various universities, colleges, and public sector: Foreign Trade University, Department of Planning and Investment in Hanoi, Hue Industry College (HueIC), Fablab Hanoi, Nguyen Tat Thanh University Innovation Incubation Center (NIIC), NATEC – Ministry of Science and Technology, Office of Project 844, Hanoi University, Da Nang University of Science and Technology.

Source: KisStartup