Innovation with Purpose network

Innovation Research, Commercialization and Industry Network


Starting in 2018, IPN was born to promote innovation activitíe in universities and strengthen the connection between universities with businesses to tackle the challenges of society. After nearly two years of testing, IPN officially changed its name to IRCI - Innovation Research, Commercialization and Industry Network

During the pilot period, IPN has built a network of students, lecturers, researchers and potential projects from various universities, research institutes. 

With IRCI, we center our focus on the following activities: 

1. TRAINING: Organize Lean Startup and Design Thinking training course for scientists and researchers. 

2. COACHING: Intensively coach potential projects and support them to commercialize their research results. 

3. NETWORKING: Expand current network and supporting resources including investment and partnership from an early stage. 

We are glad to join hands with universities, scientists who are interested in the program. 

In 2020, the kick-off activity of IRCI will be the training course namely Lean Startup for Scientists and the intensive coaching course for scientists who have already completed their research and been eager to put their research results into reality. 

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Launching of IPN (Innovation with Purpose Network)

A network of innovation ecosystem builders, universities, institutions and businesses joining hands for innovation- with- purpose ideas and projects to flourish and positively impact the community


Our story begins when we work with university talents including students and lecturers in training and coaching for them about innovation and entrepreneurship, we realize that:

(1) Many of the projects and ideas can be turned into impact projects to benefit the community and/or help achieve 17 sustainable development goals. However, not many of them are supported in terms of capacity building, mentoring and coaching to develop their projects. 

(2)None in the market is there to help them to connect with business world. At the same time, corporates and SMEs are struggling to find talented people for intra-innovation and market expansion

Therefore, IPN is to achieve 3 main goals:

  • Connecting talented and passionate individuals from universities and institutions with business world
  • Enabling innovative ideas to take shape via capacity building programs including design thinking & Lean Startup(training, coaching, mentoring)
  • Helping corporates and SMEs to get closer to quality human resources and potential investment in innovation from early stages

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