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Training of the first Innovation Coaches for Tra Vinh Province


In the partnership with the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Project of Tra Vinh Province (SME Tra Vinh), KisStartup has conducted the first Training of Coaches Program of Tra Vinh Province. The five-day intensive training course in Hanoi with the goal of producing the first core innovation coaches in Tra Vinh province is the first step to prepare for a long journey to support startup projects in Tra Vinh Province later on. 

In parallel with the intensive training, the coaches also observed and practiced coaching skills with projects from Tra Vinh province. At the same time, during the intensive training, coaches and startups of Tra Vinh province had the opportunity to have lunch with different players in the startup ecosystem in Hanoi. Sincere thanks to Mr. Ngo Manh Hung - Social Impact Development Specialist, Ms. Le Ngoc Anh - Founder of Canh Dieu Project (education for autistic children and children with disabilities), Ms. La Thi Cam Tu - FPT University lecturer who spent time sharing with us. Also in this training course, coaches and startup projects paid the field trip to the factory of electric tractor for wheelchairs in Hoa Binh Province. Thank you, Mr. Le Tich - Founder of ETIC warmly welcomed us. 

After 5 days of intensive training, KisStartup will continue to support and supervise the coaches in the next three months.


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KisStartup training for managers, lecturers and communication officers in Tra Vinh.

KisStartup has conducted training courses for managers, lecturers and communication officers in Tra Vinh.

In the framework of cooperation between KisStartup and Small and Medium Enterprise Development Project of Tra Vinh Province (SME Tra Vinh), KisStartup has conducted training on innovation and entrepreneurship for managers, media officers, lecturers from departments, agencies, and universities of Tra Vinh province.

The program aims to incorporate important concepts and thinking of innovative start-ups into the organization's current operations. Mr. Phan Dinh Tuan Anh and Ms. Nguyen Dang Tuan Minh exchanged directly with students about:

* Innovative ways of communicating about start-up innovation through understanding start-up innovation

* Designing and mentoring mentoring, incubating and supporting investment programs for startup projects

After the course, KisStartup and experts will continue to accompany the activities and support managers and lecturers to develop activities in the coming time as well as connect activities of Tra Vinh with network of Vietnamese and international startup ecosystems.