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KISSTARTUP COACHING PROGRAM: From October, from 4th 2016 to October, 15th 2016, KisStartup Coaching Program’ application form is offically opened, that bring opportunities to you to break through your bussiness.

Working hard together, we will step-by-step develop programs with  mutual commitment and support.

If you also put your customers into the core for your business development and you really need coach to support your plan, join with us.

Who are you?

1. An enterprise/ startup project

2. An Enterprise having new projects

What do you need if you join in?

1.  You aim to grow your customers and your business

2.. You do not aim to put investor finding at top

3. You have pitched to investors now more than 2 times

4. You have a real product/ service (not an idea)

5. You have a team - a ready team.


What will you do next?

1. Sign up and show us your interest via the registration form

2. KisStartup will exchange and interview with you

3. The two sides go to an agreement on the view and metod of coaching

4. Formally join the program

5. Define goals  and start coaching

6. Evaluate the performance of the two sides monthly

7. Summary of incubator program

8. Match with  investors (if you would like to)

Who will coach you?

The first innovation coaches comes from IPP - Innovation Partner Program

What is the form of coaching?

Peer-to-peer coaching

Register at: HERE

Deadline: October, 10th 2016


Support: Support: 0936361133 (Ms. Minh) -



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