Startup Soft-landing in Vietnam & ASEAN

With soft-landing program at KisStartup, startups will be prepared for market expansion to Vietnam and /or to develop business within the ASEAN region. The ideal program lasts at least 1 month in Vietnam

We will help startups:

1. Develop strong and quality content for market validation and market access >>More

2. Connect with the local startup ecosystem

3. Connect with the ecosystem of the industry and potential customers in the industry

4. Update with knowledge and understanding of business environment with business development services (taxes, laws, intellectual property, etc.)

5. Supported by local startup mentors and industry mentors

6. Trained to improve market experience and iterate business models if needed

7. Participate in local industry events and conferences

8. Join the Net-A-Startup platform to connect with reputable service providers to expand market and do market education in Vietnam

Startups interested in soft-landing program with KisStartup, please contact us via email

Step 1. We will work with you to learn about the market potential in Vietnam and your business model

Step 2. We will design services and activities for your team


Renewal of Agreement with Finnish startup for content development for market validation and market entry

We are happy to announce that our agreement with a Finnish startup in robotic process automation has been renewed for second phase. Thanks to right strategy for content development for market validation, market education and market entry along with networking and business network development, the startup has achieved clear results of early adopter.

This success proves the right direction for KisContent service developed by KisStartup team. In the coming month, KisStartup will work closely with more strategic partners for foreign startup’s market expansion in Vietnam and the region.

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