Piloting the Vietnam Women's Union Mentoring program (VWU Mentoring)

Mentoring images of Mentor - Mentee couples in VWU Mentoring Program

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In 2022, KisStartup cooperates with the Economic Department - Vietnam Women's Union, and the Women's Union of Hai Phong City and Da Nang City to pilot the Vietnam Women's Union Mentoring program (VWU Mentoring).

This is another version that comes from the SME Mentoring 1on1 program that we strive to implement with the goal of: Pilot implementation, process transfer and orientation to replicate the Mentoring model specifically for women starting a business in localities in order to maintain and expand the operation of the network of women starting businesses across the country.

With 4 months of implementation, we completed:

  • Successfully organized 04 seminars to share knowledge about Mentoring in two localities;
  • Training 08 staff directly managing and operating the VWU Mentoring program (03 officials of Vietnam Women's Union and 05 officers of provincial Women's Union);
  • Successful matching for 28 couples of Mentor - Mentee;
  • Standardize processes, documents, tools used to manage and operate the VWU Mentoring program.

After program,,

  • 80% of Mentor - Mentee couples see the change and benefits brought by mentoring. At the same time, Mentor - Mentee couples in 2 localities continue to maintain and develop mentoring relationships;; 
  • Mentoring is integrated into the activities of the Women's Startup Clubs in two localities to help improve connections and support each other in business and life;
  • More new members have joined the VWU Mentoring community.


KisStartup's plan in 2023,

  • Continuing to accompany in order to maintain and develop the VWU Mentoring Community in Hai Phong City and Da Nang City;
  • Coordinate with Vietnam Women's Union to replicate VWU Mentoring model in other localities;
  • Working with Universities to pilot mentoring programs exclusively for students;
  • Ready to package and transfer the management and operation process of the mentoring program to organizations/individuals.


For any questions or concerns about the program, please contact us by email or phone number +84 969 902 553 (Ms. Cẩm -Program Manager)

VWU MENTORING VWU MENTORING - Kick-off for the Women Entrepreneurship Mentoring program

 On September 5th, 2022, a training session on personnel and operation management was organized by the Vietnam Women's Union and KisStartup Joint Stock Company with the participation of representatives of the Vietnam Women's Union and also Hai Phong and Da Nang district women union. The training session did not only stop at training but also marked the beginning of the journey building in-depth start-up support activities for women in the localities.

Mentoring is not a new concept in the business and startup community in Vietnam. A mentor is actually an experienced person, who wants to help accompany founders and young business owners to grow in many aspects, thereby operating the business more effectively. For their part, mentors are also more mature in their ability to positively influence others, learn from younger generation and practice listening skills, the ability to ask good questions.

      Famous leaders or entrepreneurs in the world all have a mentor and mentee, typically Steve Jobs. One of his mentors is the Zen master Kobun Chino Otogawa - who had a great influence on Steve Jobs' outlook on life and the philosophy of Apple's designs.

      It would not be wrong to say that mentoring is the weapon of large corporations to small businesses in business operations.


VWU Mentoring program aims to:

  1. Build the first Business Startup Mentoring program of the Vietnam Women's Union.
  2. Have a sustainable development operating model, organizational structure, operate philosophy and create value for participants, especially women who start their businesses in localities.

Program logic:

  1. Stage 1: Run a workshop to find out the problems that female business owners face in the process of running their businesses).
  2. Stage 2: Design the model according to the actual requirements of Mentor - Mentee.
  3. Stage 3: Recruit Mentor - Mentee.
  4. Stage 4: Mentor - Mentee Pairing.
  5. Stage 5: Monitor
  6. Stage 6: Adjust the model

Information about upcoming events:

In Hai Phong:

  1. Workshop "Application of Startup Mentor in Small and Medium Enterprises" takes place on September 14th, 2022.
  2. Orientation and matchmaking session on September 28th, 2022.

In Da Nang:

  1. Workshop "Application of Startup Mentor in Small and Medium Enterprises" takes place on September 26th, 2022.
  2. Orientation and matchmaking session on October 3rd, 2022.

SME Mentoring 1o1 Hanoi: Season 2019 - 2020 get started

MENTORING 2019 – 2020

A new season of SME Mentoring has officially begun. Let's meet Mentor and Mentor - Mentee couples in SME Mentoring Program 2019 - 2020. With the 2019-2020 season, KisStartup expects nothing but the fact that each Mentor - Mentee pair will have interesting experiences and establish a beautiful friendship between an old friend and a young man over three months, then another 6 months, the next 12 months and much more. On October 5, 2019, the Matching Day set a starting milestone for an SME Mentoring 1on1 Hanoi 2019 - 2020. With the participation of 10 mentors and 16 mentees, this year's mentoring season start with 16 new pairs Mentor - Mentee. Especially, more than 02 mentors in the program also find a mentor - an old friend right on Matching Day. Wish you and your friends will come together through all ups and downs - 3 months, 6 months and complete the whole year seriously and gather many meaningful things and bring about interesting experiences.

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SME Mentoring 1on1 Hanoi: 4 Years in Review


60 is not a big number, but it is a great number compared to the first 8 mentor-mentee of December 2015 when the SME Mentoring program started in Hanoi. As people are welcoming 2020, a new decade, a community becomes more and more mature and bring true values to mentors and mentees after 4 years of operation.

The founders who participated in the program, the youngest one is 21 years old while the oldest one is 72 years old, shared the joy of belonging to a community that brings values, continuous learning and mutual support.


We have nurtured our community by faith, a positive attitude, above all an open mindset. SME mentoring 1on1 Hanoi cannot exist as it is today without early mentors like Ms. Giang Do, Ms. Diem Anh, and Ms. Huyen Nga, and veteran mentees who would not accept mentors and their relationships will probably last a lifetime, through all highs and lows. Sincere thanks to Mr. Ted Nuyen - the inspirer and instructor, thank Tran Thanh Tung, Kha Vinh enthusiastically for sharing new experiences and perspectives, and especially mentor Phan Dinh Tuan Anh who accompanies SME Mentoring Hanoi.

The model of SME Mentoring 1on1 is initially being replicated in Northern universities.

This year all mentors and mentors of the program received a special gift, which is the book The Go-Giver by Bob Burg & John David Mann. In the book, there is an interesting saying, dedicated to mentor-mentee as a sincere thanks, wish everyone a new year of health, success and new discoveries.

“... even if you do not hold a traditional leadership position, does not mean that you are not in a position to influence others, to inspire and empower others. , to catalyze the greatness of others, to promote their success, to lift them up. In other words, it is to give away leadership, and in doing so it "pokes" the whole world in a positive way”.


Launching Mentoring 1-1 2016

After the first Mentoring presentation in April, we officially invite you to join Mentoring 1-1 with KisStartup. The program lasts until May 2017

Please follow 4 steps at to prepare your application

Share with us who you are and what our 1-1 mentoring program can help you in your personal development and career development in an A-4 page (see example here: http: //
Create linkedin account
Submit your linkedin and article to

Please keep the following timeline:

April 22: deadline application.All required document can be submitted to:
April 25: Informing the results
April 28: Orienting & training for new mentee
May 7: Deadline to Pay Membership Fee
May 14: Orienting & training for new mentors; Informing new mentor & mentee matching results.


EVENTS in MAY 2017


In May, with the desire to boost your innovative activities, KisStartup and our partners develop a range of activities, not only to coaching. We are confident in offering the best proven services to our customers. We are also expanding our business to better serve in Ho Chi Minh City with our training course on innovation.

Mentoring and mentoring culture is still one of our important endeavors. So get ready for your Mentor-Mentee call in May.

Be ready to go with  KisStartup with the following activities:

Online Marketing - Solutions for Founder
MAY 10
Peer-to-peer coaching 
MAY 11
Mindset & Tools of Lean Startup
May 11,17,18
MAY 15
Launch the Online Startup Training Platform
MAY 15
Traning of the Trainer - Batch 3
May 9 - May 12,19
May 16
Introduce mentoring & SME Mentoring Hanoi
MAY 26
Intensive training: Innovation in the enterprise
May 26 - May 28



[SMEs Mentoring] Call for Mentees

---------------------------------------------- -------------
DEADLINE: 3/6/2017 (Only 2 weeks left!)


If you want to join in  the program & find for yourdelf a mentor, please do these following steps:


1. Write an introduction about yourself (maximum in a A4 page) + 1 photo; Send email to:
2. Click the link, then fill out the form

Note: The profile will be rejected if it is not competed!

DEADLINE: -June 6th, 2017 !!!

For more information:  www.mentoring1on1 / com / about.

If you have any questions, please contact us email at:!

Good luck!
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- Mark Zuckerberg’s mentor (Founder & CEO Facebook) is Steve Jobs (Founder & CEO of Apple).
- Mother Teresa’s mentor (St. Teresa - Calcutta)  is Father Michael van der Peet.

- Bills Gates’s mentor (Founder & CEO Microsoft) is  Warren Buffet (the Greatest Investor Ever).

It seems like those who have achieved accomplishments in their lives, have the mentors on their side. Mentor Ted Nuyen once said, "Mentors are both a mentor and a friend. They have the knowledge and experience as a mentor but they also behave and be trusted as a friend. Mentors help mentee develop themselves and their business. In contrast, mentee also offers a great deal of value. positive for his mentor. "
Recognizing the challenges that SMEs and Startups are facing, SME Mentoring was born with the goal of creating opportunities for SMEs and Startups to develop themselves via  mentoring

Up to now, SME Mentoring has created a community that is committed to being sincere, cordial and close with  more than 500 "mature, experienced entrepreneurs" and "new entrepreneurs”. It also gives young entrepreneurs a forum with new opportunities and experiences at the beginning, than after developing and improving themselves, they can support other young Vietnamese community.

Over 6 years, SME Mentoring has been recognized by the local start-up community, international organizations (SECO EP, ...) as "Vietnam's the best  Mentoring Organization". It provides the most effective and fullest vision of mentoring at the begining.

We believe that SME Mentoring is the perfect place for those who are looking for a true Mentor.

---------------------------------------------- -------------
DEADLINE: 3/6/2017 (Only 2 weeks left!)


If you want to join in  the program & find for yourself a mentor, please do these following steps:


1. Write an introduction about yourself (maximum 1 A4 page) + 1 photo; Send email to:
2. Click the link, then fill out the form

Note: Incompleted records will be rejected !

DEADLINE: -June 6th, 2017 !!!

For more information:  www.mentoring1on1 / com / about.

If you have any questions, please for us email at:!

Good luck!