Piloting the Vietnam Women's Union Mentoring program (VWU Mentoring)

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Mentoring images of Mentor - Mentee couples in VWU Mentoring Program

Image source: Community VWU Mentoring

In 2022, KisStartup cooperates with the Economic Department - Vietnam Women's Union, and the Women's Union of Hai Phong City and Da Nang City to pilot the Vietnam Women's Union Mentoring program (VWU Mentoring).

This is another version that comes from the SME Mentoring 1on1 program that we strive to implement with the goal of: Pilot implementation, process transfer and orientation to replicate the Mentoring model specifically for women starting a business in localities in order to maintain and expand the operation of the network of women starting businesses across the country.

With 4 months of implementation, we completed:

  • Successfully organized 04 seminars to share knowledge about Mentoring in two localities;
  • Training 08 staff directly managing and operating the VWU Mentoring program (03 officials of Vietnam Women's Union and 05 officers of provincial Women's Union);
  • Successful matching for 28 couples of Mentor - Mentee;
  • Standardize processes, documents, tools used to manage and operate the VWU Mentoring program.

After program,,

  • 80% of Mentor - Mentee couples see the change and benefits brought by mentoring. At the same time, Mentor - Mentee couples in 2 localities continue to maintain and develop mentoring relationships;; 
  • Mentoring is integrated into the activities of the Women's Startup Clubs in two localities to help improve connections and support each other in business and life;
  • More new members have joined the VWU Mentoring community.


KisStartup's plan in 2023,

  • Continuing to accompany in order to maintain and develop the VWU Mentoring Community in Hai Phong City and Da Nang City;
  • Coordinate with Vietnam Women's Union to replicate VWU Mentoring model in other localities;
  • Working with Universities to pilot mentoring programs exclusively for students;
  • Ready to package and transfer the management and operation process of the mentoring program to organizations/individuals.


For any questions or concerns about the program, please contact us by email hello@kisstartup.com or phone number +84 969 902 553 (Ms. Cẩm -Program Manager)

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