SME Mentoring 1o1 Hanoi: Season 2019 - 2020 get started

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MENTORING 2019 – 2020

A new season of SME Mentoring has officially begun. Let's meet Mentor and Mentor - Mentee couples in SME Mentoring Program 2019 - 2020. With the 2019-2020 season, KisStartup expects nothing but the fact that each Mentor - Mentee pair will have interesting experiences and establish a beautiful friendship between an old friend and a young man over three months, then another 6 months, the next 12 months and much more. On October 5, 2019, the Matching Day set a starting milestone for an SME Mentoring 1on1 Hanoi 2019 - 2020. With the participation of 10 mentors and 16 mentees, this year's mentoring season start with 16 new pairs Mentor - Mentee. Especially, more than 02 mentors in the program also find a mentor - an old friend right on Matching Day. Wish you and your friends will come together through all ups and downs - 3 months, 6 months and complete the whole year seriously and gather many meaningful things and bring about interesting experiences.

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