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Digital Acceleration Program Model & Plan in 2022

In the previous session, we introduced the DAP and some of the achievements in 2021. In this part, KisStartup introduces how we did it and the lesson-learned to create positive results together. 

Applying the theory of Design Thinking and combining it with Lean Startup, KisStartup designed a model of a digital acceleration program which started from the step of empathizing with customers (enterprises/cooperatives) and then identified and stated the problem(s) they were having. Then, we came up with ideas, conducted testing and provided appropriate Training, Coaching, or Mentoring support. And by empathizing with and understanding the problems and pain points of cooperatives and enterprises, KisStartup knew the whole picture of each enterprise/cooperative (their weakness and what resources are needed for external support).



To achieve the above results, at the event, KisStartup summarised the factors that made up the success of the Digital Acceleration Program after 03 batches in partnership with GREAT in 2021:

1. Business owner's mindset

• Be Open and Committed

• Willing to change with high determination

2. Direct support 

• Close cooperation with the parties

• Training, Intensive Coaching, Supporting and daily Monitoring

• Monitor and Measure change by data

3. Continuous adjustment

• Adjust the program continuously as needed

• Add new contents flexibly: Intellectual property, corporate finance

• Do the Training and Consulting

4. Interaction with leaders of enterprises/cooperatives, Project Management Units (MBs), Sponsors

• Close participation of Management Board & Sponsors, regularly updated

• Commitment and active participation of leaders & middle management

​In 2022, the Digital Business Accelerator Program is expected to take place under the following 04 models:

  • 1:1 model between KisStartup and enterprises/cooperatives
  • The sponsor fully pays for enterprises/cooperatives model
  • Model of reciprocal combination of enterprises/cooperatives & sponsors
  • Sponsor & KisStartup reciprocal matching model


In all these four models, the program is aimed at 03 personas:

(1) who are enterprises OVER 3 YEARS old

(2) who have products and are in need of innovating business models, finding innovative directions for distribution channels or wishing to take advantage of digital platforms to promote online business

(3)  who HAVE/ ARE AND WILL BE wishing to shift their business model from traditional to a combination of both traditional and online, ORGANISATIONS who are in need of BUSINESS MODEL INNOVATION and intelligently leverage and harness their available data to start diving deeper into the digital transformation and innovation story.


After the lessons learned in 2021, in the 2022 program, in addition to the initial goals, KisStartup will integrate lessons related to CYBERSECURITY, increase close cooperation with universities to bring quality resources to enterprises/cooperatives, further integrate lessons on impact measurement factors which help enterprises/cooperatives have a comprehensive view and balance between business story and impact creation.


With the hope of knowledge and experience to be shared, KisStartup wishes to accompany businesses, sponsors and supporting organizations to successfully do digital transformation and sustainably innovate for small and medium enterprises, which account for 97% of enterprises in Vietnam.


Information about KisStartup and the Program:

KisStartup in partnership with the GREAT Project funded by the Australian government to implement the Digital Acceleration Program - supported 20 businesses and cooperatives in Lao Cai and Son La. The program included online training courses on how to use and manage an online business model, sell on e-commerce, or access capital. Besides training sessions, DAP provided 1on1 coaching sessions. The 3-month program with high pressure promoted businesses and cooperatives to speed up efficiency and see the change in sales from week to week.

The Digital Acceleration Program  - PROMOTING DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION & INNOVATION sums up the journey in 2021 KisStartup implemented the Digital Acceleration Program with the aim of sharing the lessons learned in the context of digital transformation and business model innovation.

EVENTS in MAY 2017


In May, with the desire to boost your innovative activities, KisStartup and our partners develop a range of activities, not only to coaching. We are confident in offering the best proven services to our customers. We are also expanding our business to better serve in Ho Chi Minh City with our training course on innovation.

Mentoring and mentoring culture is still one of our important endeavors. So get ready for your Mentor-Mentee call in May.

Be ready to go with  KisStartup with the following activities:

Online Marketing - Solutions for Founder
MAY 10
Peer-to-peer coaching 
MAY 11
Mindset & Tools of Lean Startup
May 11,17,18
MAY 15
Launch the Online Startup Training Platform
MAY 15
Traning of the Trainer - Batch 3
May 9 - May 12,19
May 16
Introduce mentoring & SME Mentoring Hanoi
MAY 26
Intensive training: Innovation in the enterprise
May 26 - May 28


Online Marketing Internship - KISSTARTUP & VINNO

Hackintern - Learn & Earn - Online Marketing Internship


1. We konw how difficulty in ecruiting  in the field of Online Marketing, full of competition but there are many opportunities of ENTERPRISES.
2. We know the wishes of young people who desire to be learned, to be practiced, to  be experienced and be appreciated during the practice
3. We know their needs after school

Try with many internship programs, volunteering, introducing jobs at KisStartup and working with the audience; We would not want to linux, we just want to launch and business more powerful. Therefore, we combine the best in the field of online marketing.>> HACKINTERN was born to help.
Be learned
Be practiced
Be trainning
Be recuited

Recruit now
Always working working
Be sure to train the training costs and assess the personnel

- Training people to work and innovate in the field of Online Marketing by providing knowledge, working skills, supervised practice conditions and practical experience environment for Students / New Employees / Human Resources. need training of enterprises
- Create employment opportunities for graduates or new graduates.
- Creating quality human resources, saving time for training and trial work for enterprises.

- 3rd/4th year Students or just graduated desire to work in the field of Online Marketing
- People who have gone to work but have not found a job to do intensive and desire to work in the field of Online Marketing.
- Employees are currently doing Online Marketing and  want to improve their knowledge.

4. DURATION: 3 months, starting from 27.12.2017

a / Training and Practice: 4 weeks

Morning: Learn from 8h30 - 12h00
Afternoon: From 13.30 - 16.30

Session 1: Sales & Funnels Sales Model
Session 2: Customer Portrait and B2B Customer Portrait
Session 3: Essence of Marketing
Session 4: The process of setting up a Google Ads campaign
Session 5: Facebook Marketing streamlined
Session 6: Landing Page and Email Marketing
Session 7: Coaching
Session 8: Coaching

b / Supervised internship in start-up businesses (paid): 8 weeks

5. LOCATION: KisStartup, Vinno Viet Nam, and Partner Business


6. TUITION: 8.800.000 VND / person
- Form of tuition payment:

a / Transfer

Account number: 711A58218777
At Vietinbank branch Dong Da - Hanoi
Content: Recorded as "Hack + SĐT"

b / Direct closing at the office of KisStartup - Room 209, 18T1 building, Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh, Hanoi

7. ORGANIZATION: Vinno Vietnam and KisStartup

Registration deadline: 22/12/2017

Any questions please contact:

Mobile: (+84) 978. 137. 894 (Ms. Thao) or (+84) 982. 498. 095 (Ms. Mai)