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December is coming with the theme of  Open the Startup Door. This is the first time KisStartup  organizes an interactive workshop by combining face-to-face interviews to help startups reach out a variety of experts in various fields. The  two and a half day event aims to equip you with important knowledge in Legal, Finance, Tax, Marketing, that help you start your career in a knowledgeable way.

In December, for the first time, KisStartup introduced the innovative Mindset and Tools service for businesses developing their new products, services or looking for new directions.

We will also continue with the Innovation Coaching course at 3 levels:

1. Training of Trainers:

- Lean Startup Intensive - Level 1 for trainers, startup coaches and startups. - Duration: 03 days 16, 17, 18/12/2016

- Lean Startup Intensive - Level 2: Innovation Coach - Duration: 02 days, from 20- 21/12/2016

2. Innovative Thinking & Tools for Business - Time: updated later.

3. Open the Startup Door Event -  Duration: 2 days 22 and 23/12/2016

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