Investment matching

Funding Training Workshop

Funding training programs at KisStartup are divided into modules based on the development stages of startup. Graduating from our funding training programs, you will have the opportunity to participate in investor meetings.

Training modules include:

1. Funding fundamentals

2. The toolkit for fundraising

3. Practicing on pitching

Activities before and after training:

1. Analysis of funding needs

2. Training and practicing on fundraising

3. Best startups graduating from training programs will be able to participate in the Investor Conference to meet directly with investors in September 2019.

4. Support to connect 1:1 with potential investors

5. Join the Net-A-Startup platform for future investment opportunities and potential resources

6. Join our business connection network (for a B2B startup)

Upcoming events:

  • Funding training program for startups. June 2019. Best startups will be selected to pitch at Investment Conference 2019.
  • Funding training program for startups. July 2019. Best startups will be selected to pitch at Investment Conference 2019.
  • Funding training program for startups. August 2019. Best startups will be selected to pitch at Investment Conference 2019. Investor Conference - September 2019

Business Matching


KisStartup joins in Techfest2017 and key partner SPhoton to develop investment matching platform at

150 startups were successfully connected to over 70 investors at TECHFEST 2017 and more than 160 connections between startups and investors at TECHFEST 2018 via – an official investment matching gateway of TECHFEST.

As for startup, you are finding an investor, connecting to large companies or call for capital but find nowhere to show off your profile. It’s job to help you deal with those difficulties.

As activating your account at, you will be able to:

For startup:

1.     Create a complete profile to call for investment.

2.     Be viewed by both national and international investors.

3.     Update your profile throughout the year.

4.     Connect with domestic and international investors.

For investor:

1.    View online profiles of Vietnamese and foreign startups in different fields.

2.    Find out more about a startup before the first meeting

3.    Keep track of the progress of startups you are interested in because their profiles are updated regularly.

4.    Be supported with setting up a meeting with potential startups throughout a year.

As a part of Investment Matching activities at TECHFEST 2018, Mini Matching takes place once per month in order for investors to meet startups they are interested in


The aim of Hi-Tech Konec is to create a real and valuable connection corner among leading experts + SMEs who have been finding a chance to adopt high technology in innovating business model in order not to be left behind + startups who provides solutions for above problems.

More than an activity at TECHFEST 2017, Hi-Tech Konec is designed to bring true and sustainable value chains years to come.

In October 2017, Hi-Tech Konec took place as a part of TECHFEST 2017 with 4 workshops as followings:

Workshop 1: Hi-Tech Konec IoT

Workshop 2: Hi-Tech Konec AI

Workshop 3: Hi-Tech Konec AR/VRWorkshop 2: Hi-Tech Konec AI

Workshop 4: Hi-Tech Konec Big Data

Don’t find investor but customer at Hi-Tech Konec. As an owner of a solution, it is necessary for a startup to understand demand and problems of the market instead of investor’ pocket only. You also need someone to be willing to talk about their problems and what you have to do is to ask good questions to have a deep understanding of those problems. At Hi-Tech Konec, you will have a chance to discover your customer – a first step to define/ redefine your business model and move to more important steps.

Stop talking about success. Start talking about problems. Let startup be a part of your solution for the development of your company and consider it as a chance to have a possible partner.

Hi-Tech Konec is where SMEs and startups meet up, share and connect.

We are not alone in this world. Our activity is inspired by SwichPitch who run the same kind of model as ours for the past 3 years and created a market for SMEs and startups.

Don’t miss an opportunity to catch up with the technology trends and put it in practice in your company.

For more information, please visit:


In this August, KisStartup will start a service heping startups connect to investors. KisStartup expects this service to help startups go further in their business with the support of angel investors and venture capital funds.

KisStartup will go with you to prepare best for  an investor-meeting.

All information about you and your project will be used effectively by KisStartup to help you connect with the right investor. You only need to provide basic information about your product or service, no need to provide details or business secrets. Thank you and look forward to working with you.

Register for the meeting with investors here.
Contact: - 0936361133

We will contact you soon..



We are so proud to announce that KisStartup's mission at Techfest2017 has been finalized. With the efforts of our entire team of Mentors, Mentees, Volunteers and especially the personnels at KisStartup, we have done a great deal of work and initially professionalize the investment matching with the INVESTMATCH.NET. Here are some results:

Investment Matching was taken place two times before TECHFEST 2017 on November 1, 2017 and November 7, 2017, with the aim of creating opportunities for Startups to meet Investors seeking opportunities and complete. Completing the two days of TECHFEST 2017 (14-15 / 11/2017), summarizing the results of the investment connection both before and after TECHFEST has some merit. attention.

Number of events held prior to Techfest:

• 14 events

• 150 attendees

Number of attendance:

• 73 Investors

• 119 Startups Number of Real Investment Connections:

• 45 Investors

• 70 Startups

Number of meetings: 173 meetings

Results after the meetings:

• Immediately Investing: 4 Investors for 7 Startups (Approximately $ 560,000 - $ 740,000)

• Considering: 44 deliberations (estimated at $ 580 thousand - $ 5 million 070 thousand)

List of activities before the event:

• Build investment linkage platform - to help startup publish the profile of the content that investors often pay attention. Investors have time to research startup profiles before setting up a startup appointment. • Konec Hi-Tech Event Series: Connect high-tech needs from businesses to startups on four high-tech IOT topics; Big Data (large data); AR / VR (Virtual reality); AI (Artificial Intelligence) with a completely different and focused approach. The event has the participation of leading industry experts, enterprises / startups are deploying products and services and businesses, startup interested in the application of technology. At the event, businesses shared the difficulties they encountered and the potential for applying technology to deal directly with experts and startup businesses / startups. Taking place on 10.10; 18.10; 24.10; 31.10
11.2017 (3.30pm-4.30pm)


• Leading startup training series: 02 training sessions with 8 leanstartup training sessions, how to work with investors to prepare for the best startups for contests and competitions. Meet Techfest 2017 investors (First time: October 11,12,13,17,17.2017, 2nd: November 2,3,6,9.2017)

• Meet the startup mentor: A four-day start up relationship with startup mentors helps startup with experienced startup consultants to prepare for investor meetings and business model development. lasting. 2,3,6,9, 11,305 (3.30pm-4.30pm)

• Workshop on investment experience sharing: for domestic investors who do not have much investment experience in startup by domestic investors.

• Techfest Investment Matching: Launched on November 1, 2017 to spend more time with businesses, investors who are interested in startups, and better understanding startups. on the questions of investors). and Hi-Tech Konec will keep going throughout the year. Nice to be with start up community.

Best regards,

KisStartup Team