We are so proud to announce that KisStartup's mission at Techfest2017 has been finalized. With the efforts of our entire team of Mentors, Mentees, Volunteers and especially the personnels at KisStartup, we have done a great deal of work and initially professionalize the investment matching with the INVESTMATCH.NET. Here are some results:

Investment Matching was taken place two times before TECHFEST 2017 on November 1, 2017 and November 7, 2017, with the aim of creating opportunities for Startups to meet Investors seeking opportunities and complete. Completing the two days of TECHFEST 2017 (14-15 / 11/2017), summarizing the results of the investment connection both before and after TECHFEST has some merit. attention.

Number of events held prior to Techfest:

• 14 events

• 150 attendees

Number of attendance:

• 73 Investors

• 119 Startups Number of Real Investment Connections:

• 45 Investors

• 70 Startups

Number of meetings: 173 meetings

Results after the meetings:

• Immediately Investing: 4 Investors for 7 Startups (Approximately $ 560,000 - $ 740,000)

• Considering: 44 deliberations (estimated at $ 580 thousand - $ 5 million 070 thousand)

List of activities before the event:

• Build investment linkage platform - to help startup publish the profile of the content that investors often pay attention. Investors have time to research startup profiles before setting up a startup appointment. • Konec Hi-Tech Event Series: Connect high-tech needs from businesses to startups on four high-tech IOT topics; Big Data (large data); AR / VR (Virtual reality); AI (Artificial Intelligence) with a completely different and focused approach. The event has the participation of leading industry experts, enterprises / startups are deploying products and services and businesses, startup interested in the application of technology. At the event, businesses shared the difficulties they encountered and the potential for applying technology to deal directly with experts and startup businesses / startups. Taking place on 10.10; 18.10; 24.10; 31.10
11.2017 (3.30pm-4.30pm)


• Leading startup training series: 02 training sessions with 8 leanstartup training sessions, how to work with investors to prepare for the best startups for contests and competitions. Meet Techfest 2017 investors (First time: October 11,12,13,17,17.2017, 2nd: November 2,3,6,9.2017)

• Meet the startup mentor: A four-day start up relationship with startup mentors helps startup with experienced startup consultants to prepare for investor meetings and business model development. lasting. 2,3,6,9, 11,305 (3.30pm-4.30pm)

• Workshop on investment experience sharing: for domestic investors who do not have much investment experience in startup by domestic investors.

• Techfest Investment Matching: Launched on November 1, 2017 to spend more time with businesses, investors who are interested in startups, and better understanding startups. on the questions of investors). and Hi-Tech Konec will keep going throughout the year. Nice to be with start up community.

Best regards,

KisStartup Team