Inclusive Fintech for MSMEs in Vietnam Challenge

Inclusive Fintech for MSMEs in Vietnam Challenge

In 2020, MSMEs contribute 70% of GDP and create 80% of jobs in Vietnam. However, 75% of these companies are in the financial exclusion zone and do not have access to financial service sources. This creates a significant opportunity for fintech startups in general and MSMEs specifically to offer fintech services and solutions to address the aforementioned issues.

“The Inclusive Fintech for MSMEs” Challenge in Vietnam is a challenge under serial activities of the Corporate Innovation Village - Techfest 2022. With the participation of corporations, startups, researchers, and students from Vietnam and global, the program is implemented to  to find financial technology (Fintech) solutions to promote financial inclusion for SMEs & Micro-SMEs in Vietnam.

#TIME: 26/9/2022- 27/11/2022
#FORM: Online
#LANGUAGE: Vietnamese and English

MSMEs Challenges is open to all audiences regardless of age and geography in Vietnam and around the world. Startups with ideas, services that can solve the challenges or talented students are encouraged to participate include:

  •  Individual or team: All individuals/teams, startup founders living and working, starting a business in Vietnam and around the world have an idea/sample product / finished product.
  •  Startups: A start-up company is an established company that has been operating for less than 5 years or has a sample/finished product.
  •  Students: Students, who are in the top 20% of universities in the most recent academic year, study in any field with no requirement of any startup project/idea.
  •  Researchers: Scientific researchers of institutes/universities with minimum viable products (MVP)/finished products based on scientific research, which are potentially commercialized in the market.

# Registration deadline: October 15, 2022 

Organizer Unit:  Corporate Innovation Village - Techfest 2022 is organized and managed by KisStartup Joint Stock Company and Shinhan Future's Lab Vietnam.

Any questions about the program please send to:
Tel: +84.392161403 (Mr Hieu) hoặc +84.362088266 (Ms Thuy).

Tuesday, 27/09/2022 | 08:13 PM

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