Launching of Vietnam Commercialisation Acceleration Program - VCAP

Launching of Vietnam Commercialisation Acceleration Program - VCAP

VCAP – Vietnam Commercialisation Acceleration Program – is a program aimed at accelerating the commercialization of research results from universities and research institutes.

VCAP is implemented with technical and professional support from LIF7 - Leaders in Innovation Fellowships "-  to commercialize research results of scientists ". LIF is the program was implemented by the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) in collaboration with the Royal British Academy of Engineering (RAEng / Royal Academy of Engineering).
VCAP program is operated by KisStartup

* Who is VCAP for?
Research projects have a certain product-market fit but fail to find a sustainable business model and / or a right marketing strategy.

VCAP will make commercialization more accessible, efficient, and less risky for any innovative researcher.

Problems encountered by projects?
+ Research project owners lack good guidance and support on how to commercialize research
They lack best practices for:
(1) build their business model
(2) run their own company
(3) build the best solution to commercialize their research
(4) run an efficient commercialization process

As a result, the project cannot be scaled up and / or run out of money or achieves little results and wastes time.

We provide clear guidance at every stage of their commercialization process.

Through intensive training, coaching, and human resource support and networks, we help research project owners:

  • Commercialization Guide: learn best practices
  • Co-hort based training
  • Equip the tools and mindset to test their current business model or iterate to find the right and sustainable business model
  • 1on1 coaching: Focusing and minimizing risk Real-time support: daily monitoring and staffing to help maximize sales and marketing
  • Network connection: To potential investors, transfer partners and business cooperation

As a result, they are more likely to commercialize with a better model and / or at a better scale, saving time.


# DURATION: 12 weeks with 01 intensive training session and 01 intensive training session;
(+) Scientists and researchers having scientific research projects who wish to commercialize scientific research results
(+) Commitment to program and practice throughout the learning process

Potential projects will be selected by investment funds in the KisStartup network to invest in from the beginning, or right after the program ends for teams to complete the VCAP acceleration program.

Scientists and researchers of interested universities and research institutes please register under #FORM:

We will send details by email.
* TERM OF REGISTRATION: Phase 1: 31.4.2021; Phase 2: 30.6.2021

More questions, contact us at or Ms. Minh (Phone:+84936361133

Tuesday, 01/06/2021 | 06:29 PM to Wednesday, 01/09/2021 | 06:29 PM

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