Intensive Coaching for Startups by KisStartup

Intensive Coaching for Startups by KisStartup


When you are struggling with a series of business problems and have not really found an effective strategy and implementation method for some specific issues (business model, investment capital, market expansion). school v..v.), that's when you need intensive coaching. With the experience of working with hundreds of startups, we realize that intensive training, different from training (which only provides knowledge), will accompany you to help you find your own way out of the problem by:

  • Good questions

  • Useful tools

  • Discipline and seriousness. 

Startups that were coached by us are award-winning startups in large competitions and have received investment capital, and small and medium-sized businesses pursuing a new business model based on the old platform.

What can you achieve if you join the program?

- Ability to focus on solving the most important issues that the business/project is facing

- The ability to achieve the set goals effectively

- Prioritize issues scientifically

- New mindset and new perspectives on the old problems of the business

- Develop the capacity of the team and increase the ability to solve problems by itself after coaching

Intensive Coaching Program at KisStartup:

- The program lasts a minimum of 12 sessions in 03 months (01 session/week)

- Follow the 1: 1 format (1coach: 1 team)

Who is suitable for KisStartup's program?

- Enterprises / startups under 05 years

- Startups are in the process of market validation and/or business model completion

- Projects that are raising investment capital

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***NOTE: This is a tailor-made program based on your problem and / or project needs, so the Coaching will only be conducted after we understand your project needs and / or issues. The two sides will sign the NDA to ensure the information is kept confidential.

Thursday, 28/03/2019 | 11:35 AM to Friday, 31/05/2019 | 11:35 AM

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