Innovation Talent Network KisStartup - ITN Season 2

Innovation Talent Network KisStartup - ITN Season 2

Welcome to the Innovation Talent Network KisStartup - ITN
After a challenging and emotional season, we are entering the final phase of season 1. In order to continue the success of the program, we are pleased to announce that our registration portal for season 2 has officially opened. 
Season 2 of the program will continue to bring new surprises and challenges, helping you uncover your hidden abilities and develop new skills. Furthermore, the program also gives you the opportunity to meet and connect with people with similar interests and passions.

Information about the Innovation Talent Network KisStartup Program:
#TIME: March-June/2023
#FORM: Online
#Language: Vietnamese & English


  • The Innovation Talent Network KisStartup Program is for talented people in high schools and universities in Vietnam (from 15-25 years old), regardless of gender and geography. Young talents are encouraged to participate including:
  • Talented students, who are in the top 20% of the best in high schools and universities in the most recent semester, regardless of major.
  • Elites who want to develop themselves through education programs and practical activities.

Participation benefits:

  • Improve knowledge of design thinking, innovation, English, project management… through online courses
  • Connect with businesses with high demand for human resources
  • Take scholarship for the entire program

 Participation form:

Conditions for recognition and certification:

  • Participate in the full program's courses and activities
  • Participate in the development and operation of innovative projects

 Organizer: KisStartup Joint Stock Company is the operating and managing unit.

To apply for season 2 of the program, please go to ( and fill in your details. Register quickly so as not to miss the opportunity to experience an interesting and meaningful program season.
Any questions about the program please send to:
Tel: +84.392161403 (Mr Hieu)
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Get ready to take on new challenges and discover new values ​​together in season 2 of the Innovation Talent Network KisStartup

Sunday, 26/03/2023 | 06:34 PM

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