Hanoi - Meet your angel - Coaching and Investing No.1

Hanoi - Meet your angel - Coaching and Investing No.1

An opportunity to meet with your angel investors, learning and coaching with them. An in-depth understanding between Startup and Angel Investors while angel investors will follow the process of intensive training with startup.

Hanoi - Meet your angel is a special program designed according to The Seattle Conference - a program for startups and angel investors who have the opportunity to learn, observe, and understand each other to advance. to the investment step after the end of a month of intensive training.

1 / Who is the program for ?
+ START-UP ENTERPRISES belonging to Agriculture, E-commerce, Technology sectors in Hanoi and Northern provinces wishing to RECEIVE CAPITAL after a month of intensive training
+ ANGEL INVESTOR desires to understand more about start-ups and the model of startup, and learn from investors, or other experienced angel investment groups and expectS want to invest after the event

2 / What is the benefit of the program?
+ For Entrepreneurs: (1) get involved and meet with the angel investor network of KisStartup (2) intensified training within 1 month- 3 months to have the opportunity to receive investment after 1 month of training (4) with later support from KisStartup after the period of receiving investment capital

+ For Angel Investors (1) have the opportunity to meet and interact with KisStartup's angel investment network (2) to directly observe and self-assess the development process of startups in within a month (3) have the opportunity to find appropriate investors right after a month of intensive training for startups

3 / Key milestones:
+ 17.2.2020 - Open the application form
+ 10.3.2020 - Closing the application form
+ 15.3.2020 - Conducting interviews with Startup and Meeting to find out expectations for Investors
+ 16.3.2020 - Interview investors interested in the program
+ 25.3 - 25.04 - Intensive training for Startup and Investors (maximum time for 8 sessions / month)
+ 10.05 - Investment Day

+ For startups, please register here: http://bit.ly/31Ufo6Q

+ For Angel Investors, please register here: http://bit.ly/37mhAoJ

Application deadline: 10.3.2020

For any questions please contact hello@kisstartup.com or +84.982.498.095 (Ms. Mai).

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Monday, 17/02/2020 | 02:20 PM to Tuesday, 10/03/2020 | 02:20 PM
Ecotribe - P1701, tòa HH2 Bắc Hà, 15 Tố Hữu

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