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After 3 years of operating and developing a lean team, from 5 members (03 full-time, 02 part-time), KisStartup is in need of additional personnel who love challenging, eager to learn and oriented to study abroad to join our team. Here, there will be the following special things waiting for you:
There is no specific job position: The position does not make you more you, you will grow through working, so every job at KisStartup is to help you improve the important skills that we believe are necessary for you.
You will experience many different positions and jobs before being truly given a certain position (project management and development) (usually after 01 year) in accordance with your capacity and personal development orientation, as well as your favorite expertise
- The work is delivered based on your capacity and personal development orientation
- Be trained and partake in capacity building programs at KisStartup
- Experience and learn from activities related to Innovation, Innovative Entrepreneurship at KisStartup and KisStartup projects such as NetaStartup, SeatechHub, Innovation With Purpose Network; Startup Case study research. 
- Work with and Support startups and their talented founders. 

Because of such challenging but amazing things, KisStartup has simple requirements to join our team: 
1. English: Good and above  
2. Attitudes: 

  • Be responsible 
  • Be a good listener 
  • Love to ask questions 
  • Eager to learn 
  • Be persistent 

3. Advantages: 

  • NO prior experience/ specialization in business is an advantage 
  • Prior experience of research is an advantage 


  • Fresh graduates (no more than 2 years) 
  • No prior experience 
  • Have a plan to study abroad in a developing country with a vibrant startup ecosystem
  • Put “learn before earn” mindset in first priority
  • Desire to seek and explore your personal capacities, 
  • Be inquisitive 
  • Take everything you do seriously 

Challenges can be encountered (you MUST read this section carefully before submitting):

  • Versatile (it will not be suitable if you just like to do one thing and not willing to do new things)
  • Take the highest responsibility  for the assigned tasks
  • Must learn and use English continuously
  • Must constantly create and dare to take greater responsibilities

If you are ready, fill out the form:

**Only the appropriate candidates will be contacted within 7 days after submitting the application form. 

DEADLINE: 1st April 2019 

Feel free to reach us or call us at +84. 978.137.894 (Ms. Thao) or +84. 982. 498. 095 (Ms. Mai) 


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