KisStartup in collaboration with VinTech City to conduct training courses for lecturers from 24 universities

15/10/19 09:10:39 View:

In 2 days of October 11 and 12, 2019, KisStartup in collaboration with VinTech City conducted training for 50 lecturers from 24 universities from the Central and the North of Vietnam, at the University of Technology, Hanoi National University. The training course focused on providing basic tools, basic concepts in innovation and entrepreneurship to help lecturers with understanding of innovation tools while using these tools in supporting startups and developing the activities of their Innovation and Entrepreneurship clubs at school in the coming period. In the framework of the program, we also invite experts on the national startup ecosystem, intellectual property and one start-up- WISAMI to join students in exchanging and sharing important experiences and knowledge.

At the end of the program, KisStartup is committed to continue to support the creative start-up club leaders in technology, the lecturers continue to develop their activities, and exchange connections to promote activities among 24 universities.


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