What does KisStartup 2016 have?

If you are planning for 2016, take your time for our activities:

1. Training of Innovation Coach: Following the success of the TOT1 - IPP, we - the first seeds of the program are desiring  open Extensive network of innovative coaches and startups across Vietnam. In 2016, we expect to develop this program in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang. If you are Interested in the program, please contact us.

2. Community Activity: Startup Square Startup Playground: A dynamic, impressive and vibrant space


- Mindset Playground: 1 time / month: Learn and practice through games in the series. Here you will experience the startup game to learn for yourself, your team and bring new tools for your business.

- Startup Book: 2 times / month. Introduce important books for startup and how to apply them.

3. Training and Sharing - Community Workshop: Weekly: Needed topics such as marketing, finance, investment, human resources, law, intellectual property, etc. will be introduced with our experts

4Mentoring Netwwork: With the success of the very first mentors and mentees in 2015, we keep going on developing a mentoring-1 to 1 in Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi.

Innovation is a process of learning, sharing, exploring and practicing continuously, so with these activities, in 2016, we hope to be with you  experience,