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Introduction of Center for Food & Beverage Innovation


Center for Food and Beverage Innovation (CFBI) is powered by Restaurant Association Vietnam in partnership with KisStartup as a key operation partner. With a smooth combination of a strong network of food and beverage suppliers, restaurants, and investors with years of experience in innovation, CFBI offers food and beverage-related projects, startups, and existing enterprises a unique resource to accelerate their companies. The CFBI will be officially launched at Asia Food & Beverage Summit 2020 in HCMC this year with series of exciting activities. 





  • Seek and nurture food and beverage-related innovative projects, startups, and existing enterprises that are rooted in the Asian region and dedicated to making their community a better world. 

  • Connect food and beverage-related innovative projects, startups, and existing enterprises to essential resources and network 


  • Mentors

  • Experienced Advisors in Intellectual Property, Accounting, and etc. 

  • Innovation Coaches 

  • Business Matching between startups and investors, enterprises, suppliers, corporates

  • Events

FOCUS 2020

In 2020, CFBI centers its focus on: 

  • PARTNERSHIP:  As we all understand, we can not commit to our mission alone. This year, we aim to collaborate with universities, associations, corporates and supporting organizations at the local and international levels. 

  • INCUBATION & ACCELERATION: As part of CFBI, we are eager to seek potential projects for our Incubation and Acceleration Program 2020 which is the first-of-its-kind program for projects in food and beverage industry in Vietnam

    To be qualified for CFBI Incubator and Accelerator, you have to: 

    • Be a food and/or beverage-related project/startup/existing enterprises
    • Have a team with at least two people 
    • Seek for funds or scale-up
  • CONNECTION: After years of experience in business and investment matching, at CFBI, we continue to act as a trustworthy connector between innovative projects and corporates, suppliers, and investors who are keen on partnering with and/or invest in creative food/beverage-related solutions. Business and investment matching sessions are going to be organized throughout the year, ending with DEMO DAY where showcase innovative F&B solutions. 


For any inquiries, feel free to contact us via: 


Mobile: +84.978.137.894 (Thao) 


Food Investment Connection

With an enormous potential that has not been exploited to the fullest and thanks to the government’s strong emphasis on turn Vietnam into work factory of food in the future, huge opportunities are opening up in front of Vietnamese food startups. However, to seize upcoming chances, Vietnamese food startups have to face many challenges in order to take their products to the Vietnamese and global market.

Thrilled by a desire to help Vietnamese food startups to overcome those challenges to thrive, as well as derived from our core advantages of a variety of business development services for food startups and a group of investors interested in food industry that we have developed for the last two years, KisStartup joining with Innovation Land of Tourism (ILT) now officially bring FoodAlfa project– to life with an aim of helping Vietnamese food startups to grow via following activities:
  • Funding for startups in Food Industry that includes but not limited to Food, Farming, Food Processing, Biotechnology, etc.
  • Incubating through training, coaching, mentoring to help startups find product-market fit and validate their business model
  • Accelerating through intensive coaching, mentoring and matching with potential investors.

WHY US?  - The first food-focus hybrid model of incubator and accelerator for food business in Vietnam with

  • Flexible choice of investment connection or incubation or acceleration
  • Network of experienced businessmen in the food and hospitality industry to be potential mentors and/or investors to help your business grow
  • Experienced innovation coaches intensively work with you every week (for 3 months-6 months)
  • Tailored incubation/acceleration/investment connection program to help you achieve your goals


Here are eligibility criteria for Funding activity. Make sure you meet all requirements and feel free to email us at  if you have any questions about whether you qualify.

•    Possessing a product and a technology

•    Raising fund to scale up your business


Please follow the steps below to get ready for a stronger growth of your food startup.

Step 1: Application: Fill out this form (click HERE)

Step 2: Interview

Step 3: Result Announcement and Recommendation

For a closer look at Registration Procedure, please check out this Graphic.

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Email us at if you are not sure which activity suits you best.
DEADLINE: Sep 20th, 2018


Vietnam Hospitality Network (VHN) is a social enterprise, established in 2010 by HTS Group and a group of Vietnamese students studying Tourism and Hospitality Industry in Switzerland.The objective of the project is to become leading Vietnam Hospitality Network in terms of interoperability, dynamism and access to international trends, contributing to the sustainable development of Vietnam hospitality industry. 


​​Innovation Land of Tourism (ILT)

Innovation Land of Tourism is the result of collaboration between KisStartup and Vietnam Hospitality Network to promote and invest in innovative startups in tourism in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.Innovation Land for Tourism project boosts ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN TOURISM focusing on capacity building incubator accelerator and investment in tourism


Restaurant Association Vietnam (RAV) 

Restaurant Association of Vietnam (RAV) Initiative is part of the Vietnam Hospitality Network (VHN), an organization that aims to amplify the Vietnam hospitality industry. Together with Hospitality & Tourism Solutions Group (HTS Group), University of Business & International Studies (UBIS), and many global partners, we are aspiring to elevate the country’s catering industry towards a flourishing era.


For any questions, feel free to reach us via email at