Train the Mentors: For Lecturers from Universities

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On December 29, 2019, KisStartup ended the Year 2019 with mentoring activities at the universities where lecturers and officials are supported to build internal mentoring programs.

Lecturers from 7 universities came to the Train the Mentors event to understand the true nature of mentoring, the values ​​that mentoring activities bring to both lecturers and students in the university. The lecturers also shared their experiences on how to run a mentoring program from the first stage, the difficulties that they may encounter.After the training, the lecturers participated in Gala Dinner of SME Mentoring 1on1 Hanoi to experience mentoring spirit. 

The lecturers will be supported by SME Mentoring Hanoi to be able to develop activities at their school and build mentor-mentee community.

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