Summary of Press Conference Connecting Vietnam Canada Impact Market Bridging Prosperity Journey

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Press Conference Event Connecting Vietnam-Canada Impact Market: Bridging Prosperity Journey has ended a 3-month journey of KisStartup and Spring Activator piloting connecting the impact markets of the two countries Vietnam and Canada. The event attracted more than 10 reputable newspapers and radio stations to report and write articles. The stories told in the program are the clearest messages about the potential between the two markets. While Canadian consumers are looking for new impact stories and new messages about environmental protection and sustainable community development, Vietnamese businesses are looking for new technologies to gradually advance greener, cleaner, more sustainable production. Not only do the two countries' businesses require each other, but investors from both countries share an interest in impact investing. Many traditional Vietnamese investors also expressed a clear interest in impact-creating enterprises through the forum, offering significant prospects for Vietnamese impact-creating businesses to attract investment funds in the form of future co-investment from two countries.

At the press conference, Mr. Brian Allemekinders, Development Counselor, Canadian Embassy said, "For sustainable development, we realize we cannot do it alone and need to cooperate with each other. Vietnamese SIBs have unlimited initiatives and business ideas to not only promote gender equality and empower the disadvantaged but also bring about positive changes in environmental protection and climate change. Canada is delighted to help and welcome enterprises with a Vietnamese presence in the Canadian market."

KisStartup and Spring Activator have also continued to promote gender lens investing after first introducing this concept to Vietnam in 2021.

Between September 2023 and December 2023, the series of events with 10 open activities and more than 30 separate training activities for directly supported projects attracted the active participation of more than 300 businesses and investors from both countries.

KisStartup representative Ms. Nguyen Dang Tuan Minh and partner Mr. Keith Ippel (Spring Activator) also highlighted program results during the occasion. At the same time, KisStartup announced six plans for 2024 based on the result of this pilot program.
Detailed results can be seen in the attached documents >>Link