KisImpact key activities in 2024

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Continuing with projects that promote innovation and creativity based on technology and cultural heritage, in 2024, KisImpact will promote its activities through the following main projects:

  1. Marine Economic Innovation (IMEP):

KisImpact and its partners promote incubation, introduction, technology connection programs and commit to investing in projects and research to promote innovation in the marine economy.

Support new ideas and technologies to protect and develop marine resources, while creating business and employment opportunities, improving livelihoods for coastal fishermen with innovative business models .

Circular Economy Innovation and Entrepreneurship:

  • KisImpact prioritizes startups with economic goals that create value in the supply and consumption chain through optimizing recycling, reuse and waste reduction and circularize their business models
  • Support businesses that create a positive impact on the environment and society.


Femtech (Technology for Women) and Investing with a Gender Lens:

  • KisImpact designs activities to introduce new technologies that address issues related to women and strengthen their role
  • Support gender-themed businesses and projects to create fairness and equal opportunities and help investors perfect their gender lens investment strategies


Incubation on the Foundation of Culture and Heritage (HCI):

  • Through the HCI incubation program, following the initial success in 2023, we are committed to promoting economic projects based on cultural heritage, to protect and enhance the value of traditional cultures , promoting new business models based on cultural resources and heritage
  • Support businesses and community organizations in developing cultural products and services.

Impact Investor Challenge:

  • With the goal of promoting an impact investing model, we create investment challenges and opportunities for investors with vision and commitment to social and environmental values.
  • Create an active investor community and support them in investing in projects that bring dual value

KisImpact hopes that through these activities, they can contribute to sustainable development and create positive changes in global society and economy.

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