Elevate Your Business with the Innovative Green Transformation Challenge for Restaurants and Hotels 

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Embark on a transformative journey with our cutting-edge training event tailored for the hospitality industry. Discover why green transformation is not just a passing trend but a pivotal strategy for restaurants and hotels to align with evolving consumer behavior. Over six comprehensive training sessions and personalized 1-1 coaching, this program equips you with the knowledge and strategies essential to initiate a robust green transformation.

1. Key Reasons to Join:

  • Access leading-edge green strategies to optimize your business performance.
  • Cultivate innovative thinking to sustain a leadership position in this fiercely competitive industry.
  • Unlock exclusive benefits for customized service packages with profound insights from our expert consultants.

2. Target Audience:

  • Large-scale restaurants and hotels.
  • Startups providing technology solutions for the food industry.
  • Startups specializing in green transformation solutions for restaurants.

3. Format: Offline 
4. Time: 28.02 - 01.03.2024
5. Participation Fee: 100% Sponsored by RAV, KisStartup, and KisImpact

6. Training Highlights:

  • Green Transformation for Restaurants and Hotels - Analyzing Opportunities and Challenges:
  • Innovative Business Model Transformation - Optimizing Strategies:
  • Green Transformation - Basic Steps and Harnessing Significant Benefits:
  • Impact Management - Measurement and Monitoring:
  • Creative Marketing - Data-Driven Strategies:

7. Requirements:

  • Senior leadership within your business.
  • A proactive mindset is ready to learn and adapt for the continued success of your business.

8. Exclusive Benefits:

  • Featured promotion on the esteemed platform of the Restaurant Association of Vietnam (RAV).
  • Special discounts on tailor-made green transformation service packages.


9. About Organizers: 

  • NATEC- National Agency for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Development is an organization under the Ministry of Science and Technology, helping the Minister of Science and Technology perform state management functions on technology market development and support the formation and development of science and technology enterprises.
  • The Restaurant Association of Vietnam (RAV) under The Viet Nam Cuisine Culture Association (VCCA) plays the role of Co-founder of the ASEAN Restaurant Association Alliance. We always strive to develop the Restaurant and Cuisine Business Ecosystem and strategic projects to support the development of Member businesses, thereby promoting the sustainable development of the industry.
  • KisImpact is KisStartup's extended impact arm to promote technological innovation and new business models to create positive impacts on the environment and society. KisImpact accompanies and supports creative businesses with sustainable impacts to grow strongly through developing an ecosystem for businesses to create impact
  • KisStartup accompanies businesses in improving innovation capacity, supporting businesses to innovate more effectively, and bringing many practical benefits to the community through training, coaching, consulting activities,...
  • The open innovation platform is operated by TAO Joint Stock Company (also the operator of adapter.vn). The platform is supported in the task "Supporting market development for innovative startups; developing online platforms that link and connect components of the innovative startup ecosystem" of Project 844 - The goal is to connect solution providers, startups, and institutions to solve challenges and problems encountered by corporations, governments, and society.
  • HTS Group: specializes in providing solutions for businesses in the restaurant, hotel and tourism service industries. The solutions that HTS Group brings include: Service rating system, Training and development of training tools, Human resource recruitment and other development consulting services.

Join us in building a green and innovative business community in Vietnam!

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