E-Learning on Innovation and Entrepreneurship with KisStartup

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After 06 consecutive years of training in INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP for startups, SMEs, and universities for hundreds of founders and lecturers, in 2021 KisStartup started testing e-learning courses. After the successes and lessons learned from experimentation, in 2022, KisStartup officially opened the e-learning course on INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP on the Thinkific platform.

On this platform, participants will have multiple choices of courses that are suitable for their abilities and knowledge as well as their own experience.
There are more than 40 modules that follow the steps of a startup project from Ideation -  Validation - Growth with the following contents around:
 - Innovation, design thinking, lean startup
- Developing Entrepreneurship innovation projects
- Manage and measure project impact
- Lesson learned from case studies (exclusive case studies from KisStartup)

You will have access to modules of Entrepreneurship innovation with the price equivalent of university credit.

KisStartup's course is suitable for young startups, lecturers, and coaches who want to learn about innovative startups, and universities wishing to disseminate knowledge to lecturers and students about Entrepreneurship innovation.

Any interest please contact hello@kisstartup.com or 0982498095 (Zalo) for the best support.