Startup Innovation Training

Startup Innovation training

Drawn from the training experience for hundreds of businesses and startups, our STARTUP INNOVATION TRAINING is a smooth combination between theory and practice with an aim of helping startups to achieve a real breakthrough with the support of experienced experts and effective training method.

The STARTUP INNOVATION TRAINING course in 15 weeks with 15 hours of theory and a minimum of 60 hours of intensive practice will help project owners achieve their goals:

- MORE QUICKLY: with tools and time constraints, KisStartup will work with you to speed up the activities of testing products and services,

- MORE STRONGLY: with the experience gained from the course, learners will deepen themselves to understand the customer needs and the success ability of product and service.

- FURTHER: learning and practice will help the whole team go further in the future through improving knowledge, capacity in testing, developing new products, services/business models with Lean Startup approach


- Project owners / startups are developing new products and services
- The project is looking for a business model
- The project is finalizing information deck to work with investors


- Learn with experts in 5 weeks (01 lesson/week) + Practice with support of coaches (12 hour/week)
- Become a member of the NetaStartup platform for 1 year (1.5 million membership package per year) using the services specified by NetaStartup
- Help to connect to potential investors 
- Join and network with KisStartup Community for 1 year


- Course 1 starts on May 06, 2019

FEE: 18.500.000 VND


We will contact you after receiving your application



About KisStartup:

Proud to be one of the units offering the best quality startup innovation training course with scientific design, serious and continuous improvement over the past 4 years with reputable experts in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as strong networks to support startup in a comprehensive way. For more information about KisStartup, please visit