Hi-Tech Konec

Innovation Sponsorship

Funding for innovation helps businesses/corporations bring their values ​​closer to the startup world and open up new opportunities for cooperation. As an innovation bridge, KisStartup is offering corporates and enterprises who are interested in sponsoring our innovation projects:

1. Innovation Partnership program (IPN): Program to develop cooperation models between corporates/enterprises with universities, whereby corporates/enterprises raise their business problems for universities and research institutes; KisStartup provides tools, knowledge and project development support for talented students, researchers to develop new solutions. These problems must be aligned with 17 SDGs (United Nations sustainable development goals). Businesses can fund this meaningful activity, or participate as a sponsor for solution development and/or investor.

2. Funding potential innovation projects on Net-A-Startup according to the enterprise's prioritization. With hundreds of startups on the platform, with smart classification, we help you find and support potential startup groups within your priorities, for example, the impact-creating startup team, the woman founders.

3. Financing business matching events of Hi-Tech Konec: connecting businesses with startup solutions.

Please express your interest in our program by contacting us via https://kisstartup.com/en/lien-he or email us at hello@kisstartup.com. You will be responded within 24 hours. You can also call us at +84 982 498 095 (Ms. Mai) or +84 978 137 894 (Ms. Thao)

Hi-Tech Konec


The aim of Hi-Tech Konec is to create a real and valuable connection corner among leading experts + SMEs who have been finding a chance to adopt high technology in innovating business model in order not to be left behind + startups who provides solutions for above problems.

More than an activity at TECHFEST 2017, Hi-Tech Konec is designed to bring true and sustainable value chains years to come.

In October 2017, Hi-Tech Konec took place as a part of TECHFEST 2017 with 4 workshops as followings:

Workshop 1: Hi-Tech Konec IoT

Workshop 2: Hi-Tech Konec AI

Workshop 3: Hi-Tech Konec AR/VR

Workshop 4: Hi-Tech Konec Big Data

Don’t find investor but customer at Hi-Tech Konec. As an owner of a solution, it is necessary for a startup to understand demand and problems of the market instead of investor’ pocket only. You also need someone to be willing to talk about their problems and what you have to do is to ask good questions to have a deep understanding of those problems. At Hi-Tech Konec, you will have a chance to discover your customer – a first step to define/ redefine your business model and move to more important steps.

Stop talking about success. Start talking about problems. Let startup be a part of your solution for the development of your company and consider it as a chance to have a possible partner.

Hi-Tech Konec is where SMEs and startups meet up, share and connect.

We are not alone in this world. Our activity is inspired by SwichPitch who run the same kind of model as ours for the past 3 years and created a market for SMEs and startups.

Don’t miss an opportunity to catch up with the technology trends and put it in practice in your company.

For more information, please visit:  https://www.facebook.com/HiTechKonec/

Hi-Tech Konec

Hi – Tech Konec aims to connect innovative high-tech startups with corporations or enterprises who are interested in:

  • Ordering new solutions as required
  • Acquiring emerging startups
  • Investing in technology startups


Hi-Tech Konec is the first and only event connecting high technology and emerging technology solutions with corporations and enterprises to solve their problems.

After 04 events focusing on Big Data, AI, AR-VR, IoT in 2017, real connections between startups and enterprises were successfully formed to tackle their problem.With the participation of leading experts to answer questions related to the potential and trend of high technology and a strong support of specialized village at Techfest 2018 such as MedTech Village, AgriTech Village, Fintech Village, EdTech Village, Tourism Village, this year Hi-Tech Konec hopes to connect innovative startups with enterprises more closely and effectively.


  • Panel discussion: experts and enterprises share about trends and challenges
  • In-depth discussion
  • Business matching
  • Connection results announcement
  • Next Appointment
  • Follow-up after the event


  • Share about demands for technology and/or current problems (online – on Seatechhub.com)
  • Exhibit standee at the event
  • Join the business matching session
  • Match with national and/or international potential solutions dealing with problems faced by enterprises throughout the year


  • Directly introduce solution(s) and exhibit standee at the event
  • Publish solution(s) in English and Vietnamese on SeaTechHub – a full-stack commercial service for tech companies to enter ASEAN market
  • Connect to potential enterprises throughout the year
  • Be supported with introducing solution(s) on Hi-Tech Konec’s channels

For more information and best support, please contact us at hello@kisstartup.com