C-Plastics 2021 DEMO DAY

We would like to invite you to C-PLASTICS 2021 DEMO DAY to celebrate our talented incubatees. These teams are pioneering innovation in plastic replacement in fashion, food and beverage and forestry.

The Demo Day brings you great opportunity to get the first look at these excellent teams and explore the chance to collaborate and/ore invest in these potential solutions.

At the event, you will also have a chance to e-connect with our trained coaches, angel investors, experienced mentors, advisors and other ecosystem players in Vietnam.



C-Plastics Incubator 2021 KICKOFF

Can we live without plastics? Absolutely NOT. Or we may live differently.

Focusing on plastic alternatives at an early stage, the C-Plastics Incubator 2021 organized by Spring Activator, Canada and KisStartup, Vietnam under the sponsorship of The Incubation Network was born with the desire to make the CHANGE our planet deserves.

We focus on training early-stage entrepreneurs to establish a viable product or service to address plastic waste while engaging angel investors to navigate potential funding opportunities in the region.