startup Training

KisStartup organizes bi-monthly workshops on various topics of innovation, entrepreneurship and other related issues as:

  • Lean Startup
  • Business Model Canvas Design
  • Value Propositions Design and Comprehensive Test
  • Entrepreneur Mindset
  • Customer Segmentation and Personas
  • Disruptive Innovation and Innovation Management
  • Product Prototyping
  • Branding
  • Investment Valuation
  • Law

and so on.


Training of the trainers

This is a tailor-made course on innovation and entrepreneurship for those who are trainers, lecturers and consultants from startup ecosystems, universities and other educational & training organisations.

We are now providing Training of Trainer course with the following contents:

- 03 days training on Lean Startup Mindset, Principles and 30 most popular tools

- Practice in class and in real life

- 03 Leaning Lunches with Startup Ecosystems Developers

- 03 Startup Book Reviews (6PM-8PM)


List of experts to deliver training:

- Nguyen Dang Tuan Minh - Lean Startup expert

- Pham Dung Nam - Lean Startup expert

- Nguyen Tien Trung - Lean Startup expert

- Nguyen Hoang Giang - Lean Startup expert

- Vu Tuan Anh - Finance and Investment expert

- Nguyen Diem Anh - Marketing expert

- Phan Hoang Lan - MOST's expert of Startup Ecosystem Development

List of ToT graduates

Lữ Thị Thu Trang, Lecturer of Foreign Trade University

Nguyễn Thị Hạnh, Lecturer of Foreign Trade University

Phạm Thu Nga, SME Consultants, Hanoi Department of Planning & Investment

Nguyễn An Nhàn, Lawyer & Consultant, Manager & Co-founder of CoPlus - Hue

Nguyễn Đăng Khoa, Lecturer of Hue Industrial College

Nguyễn Thanh Phương, Co-founder of Fablab Hanoi


SME Mentoring & networking

KisStartup is managing the SME Mentoring and Networking Hanoi, which is the extension of SME Mentoring & Networking Program based in Hochiminh City.

SME Mentoring and Networking Program gathers those who are experienced entrepreneurs, managers, experts in various fields ("mentors") and startups ("mentee"). Mentor and mentee have periodical 1-on-1 meeting in which mentee share about the their problems & concerns and get advice, knowledge/experience sharing and inspiration from mentor. There are also monthly workshops for all members to discuss about common concerned topics related to their business and individual development.

Danh sách các học viên đã tốt nghiệp khóa TOT

Lữ Thị Thu Trang, Giảng viên Đại học Ngoại thương

Nguyễn Thị Hạnh, Giảng viên Đại học Ngoại thương

Phạm Thu Nga, Tư vấn Doanh nghiệp Vừa và Nhỏ, Sở Kế hoạch Đầu tư Hà Nội

Nguyễn An Nhàn, Luật sư & Tư vấn, Quản lý & Đồng sáng lập CoPlus - Huế

Nguyễn Đăng Khoa, Giảngviên Trường Cao Đẳng Công nghiệp Huế (HueIC)

Nguyễn Thanh Phương, Đồng sáng lập Fablab HàNội.


Startup Square

A play-ground for young entrepreneurs to participate in mindset changing games, to practice lean startup tools and to learn about "best" business failures from guest speakers.

Register to share your failure story here:

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