KisStartup is selected to be SECO's partner

Dear friends,

KisStartup is officially selected to be a partner of SECO Entrepreneurship Program (SECO EP) -a program supporting entrepreneurship ecosystem by the Swiss Government funding for Vietnam. This is a recognition and an important step in our efforts to develop 1on1 mentoring model for startups community in Vietnam. SECO EP will support in strengthening KisStartup’s mentor capacity through training program, mentoring with experienced mentors in the world. KisStartup mentoring team will be participating in training programs and in cooperation with SECO EP to carry out different programmes.

Like many other startups, achieving this important step, we are really grateful for first mentoring we had from our mentors Phan Dinh Tuan Anh and Ted Nuyen from SME Mentoring (http: //www.mentoring1on1 .com /), who first helped us understand that mentoring is a true mission, very necessary and indeed very special for the sustainability of any startup.