Yes, we understand English is one of the biggest weaknesses of many startups in Vietnam. In an effort to improve startup business English, KisStartup introduce Business English Mentoring program.

The program is the result of our observations, research working with hundreds of startups. KisStartup Co-Founder - Nguyen Dang Tuan Minh and the expert team of business English lecturers worked together to develop practical content which enables startups/professionals to be confidently entering the business.

We start with level Business English Mentoring Level 1, and focus on improving the confidence to communicate for startups.

• Active class participation

• Hands-on experience in the classroom

• More than a teacher, we have business English mentor for you.

• Each day during the course you will have 5 minutes to speak in English with a mentor on  a certain topic

• To ensure the success of the class, number of students will be limited to 4-10 students

• Every week, you can participate in 1 ENGLISH networking event for start-up of KisStartup.


Register HERE.


KisStartup is selected to be SECO's partner

Dear friends,

KisStartup is officially selected to be a partner of SECO Entrepreneurship Program (SECO EP) -a program supporting entrepreneurship ecosystem by the Swiss Government funding for Vietnam. This is a recognition and an important step in our efforts to develop 1on1 mentoring model for startups community in Vietnam. SECO EP will support in strengthening KisStartup’s mentor capacity through training program, mentoring with experienced mentors in the world. KisStartup mentoring team will be participating in training programs and in cooperation with SECO EP to carry out different programmes.

Like many other startups, achieving this important step, we are really grateful for first mentoring we had from our mentors Phan Dinh Tuan Anh and Ted Nuyen from SME Mentoring (http: //www.mentoring1on1 .com /), who first helped us understand that mentoring is a true mission, very necessary and indeed very special for the sustainability of any startup.


KisStartup's 2016 Activities

If you are preparing your personal development and business development plan in 2016, let the space on the calendar for the operation of KisStartup offline! Our main activities include:

1. Training of Innovation Coach: Following the success of the training program of the Innovation Partnership Programme TOT1, we, as the first seeds of the program, desire to widen network of coaches of innovation and entrepreneurship across the country. In 2016, we expect to develop this program in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang. You are interested in the program please contact us.

2. Startup Square: A space for community activities designed with activities in a flexible, impressive manner.

- Mindset Playground: 1 times / month: Learn and practice through the game in the game series. Here you will experience the start-up game to draw the lessons for yourself, for your team and bring new tools for your business.

- Book review for startup: 2 times / month. Introducing the book debuted bedside important for your business and how to apply guidelines

3. Training and sharings: Community Workshop: Weekly: focus on topics necessary for start-up business: marketing, finance, investment, human resources, law, intellectual property experts etc. You will be working with experts in the field from Vietnam and abroad.

4. Mentoring & networking:  with the first mentor-mentee pairs of 2015, we have taken important steps to develop 1-1 mentoring model which has already been successful in Ho Chi Minh City here in Hanoi to bring in-depth values or community entrepreneurship.

Innovation is a process of learning, sharing, searching and executing, so, with these activities, in 2016, we expect valuable experience and breakthroughs with you. 


Welcome to KisStartup's common house

Dear startups and friends,

After the year 2015 of experiments and experience, we start 2016 with in-depth activities to jointly develop entrepreneurship community. Our team together during Tet holidays has built up an official house for KisStartup:

On the website, you can find information about the activities of KisStartup general, in 2016 in particular, the events and activities of KisStartup, KisStartup team information, useful materials, and the services and values that we love to share with you.

Facebook is still warm space for us to interact quickly, share quick and update quickly.

Thank you for visiting our home, we hope it will become your home, a reliable address for the startup community in Vietnam.

Big thank to KisStartup team who worked hard through the New Year to have this beautiful online space.